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Saturday Morning Adventures: The Bad Batch Series Wrap-Up

Hello and welcome to The Pop Break’s brand new sometimes podcast: Saturday Morning Adventures, where contributors to ThePopBreak.com and their friends kick back, tune in, and zone out to the kids cartoons that defined their childhoods and the ones that are still giving them life today.

This week’s podcast was led by Amanda Rivas, co-host of The Socially Distanced and Anime x Pop podcasts. Pop Break Podcasting Director Alex Marcus and Jeffrey Fountain of the United States Department of Nerds (USDN) Podcast joined her to talk about the final season of The Bad Batch. They talk about their hype level for this season, themes/concepts woven into the Star Wars franchise, likes and dislikes of the season, Asajii Ventress making an appearance, Omega’s future, and more. 

Show Rundown:

04:21 The Bad Batch: Season Overview

04:56 Personal Reflections on The Bad Batch

14:16 Project Necromancer and Cloning Controversy

21:21 Speculations on Future Star Wars Content

43:53 Character Arcs and Development

51:07 The Shadow Trooper Mystery

57:13 Ventress’ Return and Impact

01:08:04 Omega’s Future in Star Wars

01:16:08 The Legacy of The Bad Batch

01:28:24 Closing Thoughts and Future Plans


Alex Marcus
Alex Marcushttps://anchor.fm/CinemaJoes
Alex Marcus is The Pop Break's Podcasting Director and host of the monthly podcast TV Break as well as the monthly Bill vs. The MCU podcast. When he's not talking TV, he can be found talking film on his other podcast Cinema Joes, a podcast where three average Joes discuss the significant topics in movie culture. New episodes debut every other Thursday on Spotify, Overcast, Apple Podcasts, and more!


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