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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1 (Marvel)

Of course Peter Parker’s world would be turned upside during a major Marvel event series.

The Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1 finds our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man defending the people of New York from the vampire horde laying siege to the neighborhood. However, before he can make an impact he’s jumped by The Lizard, his old nemesis, in what seems to be an attempt by the scientist turned giant reptile, to take out Spidey once and for all.

Well, turns out Lizard’s motivations — much like many things that happen in The Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1 — are way more complicated and unexpected than you’d expect.

So, dear reader, spoilers are incoming.

Lizard is actually working on the side of the angels as he and Misty Knight were desperately trying to find Peter and recruit him for a dangerous mission — save Colleen Wing and, of all people, the living vampire Dr. Michael Morbius, from the clutches of the vampires. It seems ol’ Dr. Mike (as Misty calls him) has figured out a cure for those newly turned. Of course, this lands he and Colleen in hot water as we find them in the back of a box truck bound and headed to a mysterious location. So it’s up to Misty, Lizard and Peter to rescue them, but also lend a hand to New Yorkers who are standing up to the invaders (mostly in front of a church, armed with holy water-filled Super Soakers).

This is a wild issue that brings up a new wrinkle within the whole Blood Hunt invasion — who can anyone trust? At a moment’s notice anyone can be turned into a vampire, and giving away too much information could lead to the demise of humanity. Also, who doesn’t love the good old — “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” storyline? Having Lizard being such a staunch ally to the human race agains vampires is a really neat twist. Also, thrusting Morbius into a role where he plays a key part of this entire storyline that is highly conflicted is a terrific use of a character most of us relate to that awful movie that came out a few years ago.

But on the other hand, old feuds, old tricks and years of distrust also play into the relationships here. Peter knows Misty Knight plays everything close to the vest, so he in turn isn’t showing all his cards either. He also doesn’t trust Lizard or Morbius, especially after battling them for years.  This actually does play into issues released after this one — in particular the second installment of Blood Hunters and the first installment of Wolverine’s Blood Hunt run. Is the enemy of your enemy actually your friend, or are they waiting for the right moment to turn on you? It’s all extremely interesting stuff and having both Peter Park and Miles Morales at the heart of the conflict only raises the bar for quality and stakes for all involved.

The Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1 is now available at comic book stores everywhere.

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