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It’s Tiffy Time for Yeet in the Bank: Money in the Bank 2024 Predictions

2024 Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Photo Credit: WWE

That time on the WWE calendar has come again when we crown two Money in the Bank winners. With this briefcase, one man and one woman will have the opportunity to cash in on a champion of their choosing anytime or anywhere, which can make for some interesting scenarios. Trying to rebound from my Forbidden Door loss, here is my Money in the Bank 2024 Predictions. 

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Jey Uso vs Carmelo Hayes vs Andrade vs Chad Gable vs LA Knight vs Drew McIntyre: The obvious pick here would be Jey Uso since he is already on the poster for this event, but there is a small part of me that does not think WWE would be that obvious. For me, this match comes down to Hayes or Uso. Andrade has not been pushed since returning to WWE so his winning would not make any sense. Gable is in a feud with the Wyatt Sicks which may come into play at some point in this match. Knight is going after Paul for the United States Championship at Summerslam, and you can almost bet on the fact Punk is going to push McIntyre off the ladder as he is about to win this match. I wish WWE would go with Hayes, but there’s so much money in Yeet in the Bank, WWE is not going to pass up that marketing opportunity.

Winner: Jey Uso

Women’s Money in the Bank: Iyo Sky vs Chelsea Green vs Lyra Valkyria vs Tiffany Stratton vs Naomi vs Zoey Stark: No matter what happens in this match the Twitter timeline is not going to be happy with the winner. There is so much in Green winning this match especially since they are in Canada, but Stratton has to win this match. In my opinion, this is the reason she did not win the Queen of the Ring because she was going to win this match. This will lead to the eventual Nia Jax and Stratton feud that will go into the fall and early next year.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Last Chance World Heavyweight Championship: Damian Priest vs Seth Rollins (If Priest wins, Rollins can never challenge for the title as long as Priest is Champion. If Rollins wins, Priest must leave Judgement Day):  So much stake here, and if I pick Rollins everyone is going to think I am being biased. However, I do not know what they do with Rollins after this. The story for Priest is the feud he is going to have with Balor as he will eventually side with Liv Morgan and Dom Dom. To me, that feud does not need the title, but it will probably involve it anyway. If Rollins ends up winning this one I will be devastated I went against my gut.

Winner: “And Still” Damian Priest

Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn vs Bron Breakker: Since Gable was not the one to take the title off Zayn, is Breakker the one? Breaker has a lot of momentum right now and I think this match is a strike while the iron is hot moment. Breaker can go on a huge title run into next year and have some killer matches. I think this is the time to take off Zayn, but knowing my luck I will be wrong about the IC title match for the third PLE in a row.

Winner: “And New” Bron Breakker

Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens vs Any Three of (Jacob Fatu, Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, or Tonga Loa): No, I do not see Roman Reigns coming back here, but I think there is a potential for Jimmy Uso to make his return after the match. The Bloodline will pin Owens and as they are celebrating Jimmy will have a stare down with The Bloodline as the final credits roll as this will add more drama to the never ending Bloodline storyline.

Winners: The Bloodline

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 will be streaming live on Peacock on July 6th at 7 PM EST

Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol
Kimmy Sokol is known to do many things in the world of professional wrestling. If she is not writing on thepopbreak, she is co-hosting The Bob Culture Podcast and traveling the country working with the biggest wrestling superstars on the convention scene.


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