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Burger Dog to Muffin Unboxing: One Dad Ranks the New Bluey Minisodes

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Bluey fans are living their best lives these days. Sure, we had to endure an emotional rollercoaster in ‘The Sign,’ but we ultimately got an ultra-mega-super-happy ending, and then a surprise bonus episode just as we were bracing ourselves for a Bluey drought. 

Of course, The Pop Break has been keeping the spirit of Bluey alive. Pop Break editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin recently dropped two episodes of the Saturday Morning Adventures podcast focused on our favorite Blue Heelers. First, he chatted with a couple of moms about what Bluey means to them. Then, last week, this dad got to join a panel of other dads who’ve leveled up their parenting thanks to this very special television show

The Pop Break is back on the Bluey beat once again with the release of seven all-new minisodes! They are an absolute blast, and this article sets out to establish what they have to offer parents and children alike. 

While this article is all about ranking Bluey content, it’s important to note that this is just for fun. Any time we rank or classify Bluey episodes, we have to set a few important ground rules:

  • There is no such thing as a bad episode of Bluey.
  • The “worst” episode of Bluey is still miles ahead of most other shows produced for children or adults. Every episode on this list and beyond is oozing with noteworthy humor, style, and emotion.
  • Lists like this are subjective and should only be used to facilitate conversation and build community around this pop culture phenomenon. Bluey knows how to dig deep into our souls, and each episode will land differently in the heart of each viewer. All of those takes are valid.

Now that we’ve established the ground rules, let’s get to those new episodes!

  1. Burger Dog

This episode offers the latest entry into the, “surviving the annoying songs that children love” genre. Longtime Bluey fans are very familiar with this flavor of episode, but this time we also stop off at the intersection of parenting and technology. Parents know it is both a blessing and a curse to have a whole world of media at their fingertips at any given moment. In this moment, Bandit turns to trickery to spare himself another second of a “hauntingly beautiful” song about a wiener dog that has turned into a hamburger dog. Bandit even indulges the other parent vice of airing adult concerns to children when he cracks wise about the phone companies trying to force you into buying the “flashy new model” with software updates and declining battery life. Luckily, good ol’ Chili rides in to dispel the lie and remind all of us that honesty is the best policy. 

This episode drops down the list a bit simply because it has been done before and the old Bluey go-to annoying song, “Lollipop,” is much more annoying than the new (admittedly catchy) tune. This episode is still a great time!

  1. Bingo 3000

This episode offers a new spin on an old favorite Bluey game: robot. This time, Bingo is the faulty robot in question. Much like we saw in ‘Burger Dog,’ Bandit uses the game to air his beef about customer service and troubleshooting faulty technology; however, this attempt is much more masterful. Bandit manages to have a laugh for himself (from the comfort of the couch) while also making the game an absolute blast for Bingo as he pokes and prods at his new robot at the behest of tech support. This episode also earns bonus points for showing us how well Bandit’s shenanigans have rubbed off on Bingo: she rises to the occasion and serves as a top tier faulty robot. 

  1. Hungry

This episode is good, simple, zany fun. Bandit enters the room talking about how desperate he is for a snack. When he decides he is too lazy to hop in the car and pick up a “chicken bucket,” he decides to “eat” Bluey. As Bandit mimes the act of eating his child, Chilli calmly reminds him about the limitations of his stomach; she knows he is going to regret this decision. Bandit completes the game by pretending to vomit Bluey up on top of Bingo before deciding to eat the recently-vomited child again. It’s a perfect example of that zany irreverence that makes Bluey so special. Plus, Bandit coins a battlecry for middle-aged folks everywhere: “Ah man, guts are cruel!”

  1. Animals

In this episode, it’s Chilli’s turn to offer parents a fun game to play while sitting comfortably. It also gets bonus points for giving Chilli center stage. We know that Chilli is just as fun and creative as the rest of the family, but she is often cast into the role of being the voice of reason, so we always appreciate a chance to watch her cut loose. Chilli’s game is both simple and clever. She uses her hands and fingers to simulate different animals walking, slithering, etc. across Bingo’s back while constructing a simple narrative. It’s sweet, adorable, creative, and visceral. While it doesn’t offer us the indulgence of Bandit’s sarcasm, this is something special and new that honors the world’s best animated mum. 

  1. Letter

This episode tugs at the heartstrings of parents and grandparents alike. It’s a simple premise. Nana is babysitting Bingo and Bluey, and she offers to read an old letter that Bandit wrote to her when he was five. It’s a sweet bit, and it captures those early moments of childhood creativity that melt a parent’s heart. You’d think this would be a no-brainer number one pick for this nostalgic dad, but there is one small issue with the episode. While Nana clearly looks back on the letter fondly and with love, it’s not a great look to base the humor of an entire episode around mocking the spelling of a five-year-old. Young Bandit exhibits all of the normal and healthy signs of an emerging reader and writer, and his illustrations and formatting are excellent (clearly the work of a professional storyboarder rather than an actual five-year-old). Listen, this episode is still wonderful and very well-intentioned – just use it as an inroad for a healthy conversation with your child (and please don’t laugh at their creativity). 

  1. Three Pigs

This episode is a writing gem and a tour-de-force performance from the always spectacular David McCormack as Bandit. Much like ‘Burger Dog’ and ‘Bingo 3000,’ this episode gives Bandit a vehicle to air his adult concerns and frustrations, but it is done with greater nuance and confidence. For the entire episode, Bandit is in it as he constructs a stream-of-consciousness retelling of the story of the Three Little Pigs in which he manages to also complain about social media, pool maintenance, and a failing criminal justice system: “Meanwhile, the Big Bad Wolf scored a softy judge and was out of jail on good behavior.” Of course, the choice that puts this episode up near the top of the list is the fact that Bandit puts his ego aside to let the girls insert their ideas and personality into the story as well. It’s a perfect recipe. 

  1. Muffin Unboxing

This minisode was a homerun from the moment of conception. What is this golden concept? Well, Muffin is an internet personality who “unboxes” toys on Muffin’s Toys. As we expect, the episode is a series of sharp cuts that include Muffin complaining, screaming, forcing her parents to unbox the difficult toy packaging, and then saying how much she hates the toy; of course, it’s Muffin, so she still refuses to share the toy with her little sister: “No! It’s mine!” There is an extra layer here that brings this episode to the top of the list: the fact that the show is a hit. Muffin is the ultimate click bait, and the internet absolutely would catch fire for this little brat throwing tantrums and shitting on toys. How do we know it’s a success? One simple line of dialogue from Uncle Stripe establishes that the dump truck toy in question was SENT to them from a toy company. It’s no surprise that Muffin’s channel is an institution, and real-world Bluey fans will always accept more time with their favorite little psychopath.

Well folks, that’s our ranking, but please reach out with your personal favorite episodes and any insights we might have missed. It’s unclear how long we’ll have to wait for the next Bluey drop, but we here at The Pop Break are very committed to keeping the conversation alive!

The Bluey Minisodes are now streaming on Disney+

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