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Roses & Rejections: Bachelorette Season 21 Premiere

Welcome back to another episode of our podcast all about the ABC reality series The Bachelor and its many spin-offs.

ThePopBreak.com’s Michelle Coraci, who has been recapping all things Bachelor for The Pop Break for years, and co-host DJ Chapman, of Mostly Nitpicking, are taking a tour through the wider world of reality tv while waiting for the latest season of The Bachelorette, coming this summer!

Michelle and DJ are back for the premiere of Jenn’s season of the Bachelorette. They cover their favorite men and who they think will go on to win. They also try to solve the mystery of what happened to the mansion.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for what you’d like Michelle and DJ to cover during the offseason or opinion about all things Bachelor & Bachelorette, be sure to reach out via twitter @Roses&Rejections!

Watch The Bachelorette Season 21 Premiere on Hulu.

Official Press Description from ABC Television:

Extended Logline: Jenn Tran’s jet-setting journey to find love begins as 25 men arrive ready to make a lasting impression on the season premiere of “The Bachelorette.” Setting the stage for romance and a history-making season, night one will unfold at a new mansion before Jenn and her men grab their passports for exotic locales, including Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

The 25 men vying for Jenn’s heart are the following:

Aaron, 29, an aerospace engineer from Tulsa, Okla.
Austin, 28, a sales executive from San Diego, Calif.
Brendan, 30, a real estate broker from Vancouver, British Columbia
Brett, 28, a health & safety manager from Manheim, Penn.
Brian, 33, an aesthetics consultant from Boynton Beach, Fla.
Dakota, 27, a sommelier from Paradise Valley, Ariz.
Devin, 28, a freight company owner from Houston, Texas
Dylan, 24, a medical student from Elk Grove, Calif.
Grant, 30, a day trader from Houston, Texas
Hakeem, 29, a medical device salesman from Schaumburg, Ill.
Jahaan, 28, a startup founder from New York, N.Y.
Jeremy, 29, a real estate investor from New York, N.Y.
John, 25, a medical student from Delray Beach, Fla.
Jonathon, 27, a creative director from Los Angeles, Calif.
Kevin, 35, a financial analyst from Denver, Colo.
Marcus, 31, an Army Ranger veteran from Raleigh, N.C.
Marvin, 28, a luxury event planner from Santa Monica, Calif.
Matt, 27, an insurance executive from Atlanta, Ga.
Moze, 25, an algebra teacher from Albany, N.Y.
Ricky, 28, a pharmaceutical representative from Miami, Fla.
Sam M., 27, a contractor from Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Sam N., 25, an entrepreneur from Carlsbad, Calif.
Spencer, 30, a pet portrait entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas
Thomas N., 31, a retirement advisor from Tucker, Ga.
Tomas A., 27, a physiotherapist from Toronto, Ontario



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