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ann hale looks at all the best the undead has to offer…

Editor’s Note: This is the ultimate zombie blog. Enjoy.

1. Shaun of the Dead- Simon Pegg stars, in this Dawn of the Dead parody, as Shaun who is trying to save his relationship with his girlfriend Liz while also trying to save his mother and friends from the zombies that have taken over his town by taking them to his favorite pub to hide out. Prepare for wit, gore and creative deaths.

2) Zombieland- Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin seem like an unlikely quartet but, together, they make one hilarious zombie bashing film. You will learn the rules of how to survive a zombie invasion and there is one hysterical cameo by Bill Murray.

3) Fido- Takes place after a zombie/human war where humans prevailed and now keep zombies as pets thanks to Zomcon, a company that created control collars with remotes for the undead. Billy Connelly plays Fido, best friend to little Timmy in a 1950’s-esque town. When Fido kills and eats the neighbor, all hell breaks loose.

4) Army of Darkness- The third installment in the Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness takes place after Ash reads from The Necronomicon and sends himself through a time warp to 1300 A.D. He must find the book and kill the army of the dead in order to return home.

5) Dead Alive- When Lionel, a mama’s boy, takes his date to the zoo, his mother follows to snoop and is bitten by a Sumatran rat monkey. When she dies from her wounds, she comes back as a zombie and starts turning people. Excessive blood, ooze, and an awesome death scene involving a lawn mower.

6) Re-Animator- Herbert West, a college student, discovers a way to re-animate dead tissue, which leads to jealousy by a professor at the college. When the professor is killed, West re-animates him and his severed head and that leads to all sorts of trouble. Lots of gore and a severed head performing a dirty sex act on a female student…..

7) Night of the Creeps- Alien brain parasites enter people through their mouths and turn them into zombies. Frat boys and Sorority girls fight off the zombies and attempt to destroy the brain slugs causing the infestation. The film probably wasn’t meant to be a comedy, but it’s so stupid that it’s hilarious.

1) Night of the Living Dead- The first zombie film where the dead walk with the sole purpose of killing and eating the flesh of humans. Barbara and her brother are attacked while visiting their father’s grave site. Her brother is killed while Barbara escapes to a farm house, occupied by others hiding from the undead, where she must help fight off zombies and survive.

2) Dawn of the Dead- A group of people hide out at the local shopping mall to escape the growing zombie population outside. When a group of bikers breaks in, they find that their sanctuary has become a prison as they are picked off one by one.

3) 28 Days Later- When animal rights activists free monkeys that have been used for medical research, they are bitten and become infected. Jim, a bike messenger, wakes up in the hospital to find the town empty of humans and inhabited by flesh eating zombies. With a few other survivors, Jim seeks out an army blockade that supposedly has the answer to the infection.

4) The Serpent and the Rainbow- Bill Pullman stars as Alan, an anthropologist who is sent to Haiti to retrieve a “zombie drug” by a pharmaceutical company. When the drug turns out to be something completely different, Alan learns first hand that its voodoo that is turning people, not the drug.

5) Quarantine- Angela Vidal is a news reporter doing a story on firemen. When the firemen are called to an emergency at an apartment building, Angela and her cameraman tag along. Once inside the building, they find themselves quarantined inside by the CDC and being attacked by the infected inside. Jennifer Carpenter stars.

6) Cemetery Man- Rupert Everett is Francesco, the cemetery caretaker, who must destroy the dead who resurrect on the seventh day after their burial. When he falls in love and she dies, Francesco must destroy her when she rises, which sends him into a depression. He begins to believe that the dead won’t rise if he shoots them in the head while they are alive and sets out on a killing spree.

7) Evil Dead- When Ash and his friends find The Book of the Dead in a cabin while on vacation, they release a demon who traps them in the woods. When they begin to die off, they return from the dead, possessed by the demon. Ash, alone, must destroy all of his friends and the demon itself.

Resident Evil- Developed by Capcom back in 1996 for Sony Playstation. Since then, there have been numerous sequels and a film series.

A member of Raccoon City’s STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) is trapped inside a mansion inhabited by zombies, dogs, and other creatures, and must escape alive.

Left 4 Dead- Developed by Turtle Rock Studios in 2008 for Xbox 360. Since then, there has been a sequel and a third in development. When there is an outbreak of “Green Flu” in Fairfield, 4 survivors must make their way through town to escape to the Florida Keys while avoiding and destroying the mutants the virus has created.

Dead Rising- Developed by Capcom in 2006 for the Xbox 360. Since then, there has been a sequel released. A photojournalist gets trapped in a shopping mall with zombies and must rescue survivors and himself while also documenting what is happening with his camera. He can use various items around the mall as weapons and develops special abilities.

During my zombie research, I stumbled upon some great zombie websites I thought you all might enjoy. I know I did.

5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen- An entertaining look at reasons people actually could become the walking dead…

Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki- includes a forum for people to share their theories, survival stories, and random zombie knowledge.

Zombie Me- Every wonder what you or your friends would look like as a zombie? Now you don’t have to.

BrainsBrainsBrains: News from the Zombie Apocalypse- random zombie facts and fun times.

Zombie Action Figures- They actually created zombie Marvel superheroes. See them here.

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