Trends on Trial: Judging Awards Season, Judgmentally

molly hurford returns with a look back at this past year’s awards season …

While we may not be sitting front row at Fashion Week, and admittedly both of us wear yoga pants more often than we maybe should, we can still tell what does and doesn’t work on the red carpet. And honestly? You’d think that certain stars either live in homes entirely filled with funhouse mirrors that distort their images, or they just don’t understand that if you can’t breathe, it probably doesn’t fit. Either way, here are our best and worst dressed picks for the 2012 Awards Season.


Amy Adams at the Oscars
Baby weight? What baby weight? Amy Adams looked seriously adorable in this awesome silver strapless number that was totally sexy while being totally appropriate, with just the right touch of twee to tone down the geometric styling on the top of the dress. Simple hair and matching shoes? Flawless. Also, we want her hair. And shoes. And dress. Actually, can we just go Freaky Friday and switch places?

Anna Paquin at the Oscars
So cute! Wait … the dress? We meant the guy. But the dress is nice too. Kind of a cool escape from the super flowy strapless gowns that are pretty much universally accepted as Oscar-wear. Plus, black and gold looks rad on her and the black pumps are drool-worthy.

Michelle Williams at the SAG Awards
Michelle Williams almost always looks adorable and this was no exception. Fit? Good. Color? Good. Off the shoulder? Amazingly, this works. Love the lace detailing! The cut of the dress is just so casual and looks comfortable while still being visually interesting and insanely flattering. And the red peekaboo shoe is fantastic.


Cameron Diaz at the Oscars (both dresses!)
Slowly but surely, the bob is looking less hideous. Then again, she probably had a team of stylists working on it, so if it didn’t look at least semi-decent, we’d be confused. The dress itself is fantastic, and a nice departure from Cameron’s usually leggy choices. The beige color doesn’t work on just anyone, but Cameron’s hot enough to pull it off, and the fit is absolutely flawless. And the second dress is amazing! A gown in bright orange is a fashion risk but she pulls it off, and the bob is definitely working in this picture.



Emma Stone at the SAG Awards
Love this black dress! It’s not often that this length works, but on Emma, it definitely does. Her hair looks flawless and the detailing on the top of the dress in insane! (The shoes with matching detailing are such a cool afterthought, as well.)


Lana Del Ray at the BRIT Awards
We feel about Lana Del Ray almost the same way we feel about Adele. Very old school and classy. The dress would be boring if it was in, say, black, but with the red, it pops and looks super-freaking-classy. Very cool neckline, too — low, but not cleavage-y at all!



Anika Noni Rose at the Oscars
OK, so we don’t know who this is but she looks like she is from the future and it’s either awesome or awful. Or at least, it would have been up for debate if the mesh section hadn’t highlighted her pelvis to such an extent that we can’t look away. Beam us up, Scotty!


Amber Riley at the SAG Awards
This would be really cute if it weren’t for the giant boob bow. Women with big chests shouldn’t gift wrap them (in public.)


Jessie J at the BRIT Awards
See through dress is never a good look. Seriously. When will people learn? This is kindergarten stuff, people. Underwear is not a display item!

Busy Phillips at the SAG Awards
Dear Busy Phillips: You are not Florence Welch. You can’t wear that to an awards show. Or anywhere, really. At least if you’re gonna do hippie chic, make it fit well. Sincerely, ToT.


Brooklyn Decker at the Oscars
We are all about ’90s revival, but we meant the good/hilarious bits of the 90s, not the spaghetti strap column dress that’s just a wee bit too tight in the boob-region. Not a great look no matter how hot you are. Also, does this remind you of chain mail, mermaid scales, or both?


Kristen Wigg at the SAG Awards
Choker necklace with high halter neckline? See Decker, Brooklyn. Take the GOOD from the ’90s, not the mistakes!



Angelina Jolie at the Oscars
We don’t know how we feel about this. On one hand, she looks hot because she is Angelina freakin’ Jolie, but at the same time, she kinda looks like she is collapsing in on herself. The leg sticking out just sort of looks like a mannequin leg (again, albeit a hot one!)


Jane Krakowski at the SAG Awards
Is that a chainmail bustier? We’re kind of into it, but not with the short sleeves. Maybe if it was sleeveless or strapless without the weird neckline? We’re on the fence.


Katy Perry at the Grammys
We like that Katy Perry tried to keep it classy, but come on! You’re Katy freakin’ Perry! Spice it up. Meryl Streep would wear that dress!


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