Pop-Ed: What Will Ben & Jerry’s 30 Rock-Inspired Ice Cream Taste Like?

the gang is salivating over the idea of this sitcom inspired ice cream…


Ben & Jerry’s will release a 30 Rock-themed flavor in February as a limited batch, commemorating the seven-season run of the acclaimed sitcom. This flavor follows in the footsteps of Dave Matthews Band, The Colbert Report, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL’s “Schweddy Balls” as a limited-batch pop culture flavor. The progressive-minded, Vermont-based ice cream company will unveil the flavor and its name on Thursday night, at an exclusive 30 Rock Finale viewing party in NYC.


Out of respect for the end of our beloved sitcom (which staff writer Marla Pachter ably saluted here), we polled the Pop-Break staff and friends for their thoughts on the possible flavor and, of course, it’s tongue-in-cheek name:

JONATHAN ELLIOTT: I’d go with What the What-chamacallit, featuring Liz Lemon’s catchphrase and the popular candybar. Featuring a (Liz) Lemon ripple, (Tracy) Jordan almonds, and, oh I don’t know, some irish whisky in honor of Jack Donaghy. And maybe it tastes slightly slutty, to properly signify Jenna. …What do sluts taste like?

MARLA PACHTER: “High Fiving a Million Fudge Pieces.” A mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream (so neither Tracy or Jenna get jealous), an Irish coffee liquor swirl (for Jack), some sprinkles (for Kenneth’s innocence), and a ton of Lemon-shaped fudge pieces.

BILL BODKIN: “WEREWOLF ‘BAR’ MITZVAH.” While it easily could be called something like ’30 Rocky Road,’ I think Ben & Jerry’s will name this brand after one of the show’s most famous moments. Much like Jimmy Fallon’s flavor (Late Night Snack), I think this’ll be a combination of salt for Jack Donaghy and sweet, probably some of candy bar (hence the ‘bar’ mitzvah’) for Liz Lemon and then something completely out of the left field for Tracy Jordan.

Faithful, Pop-Breakers what do YOU think this ice cream will taste like? Let us know and we’ll repost the best answers!

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