The Top 10 Most Horrifying Moments from NBC’s Hannibal

Written by Aaron Sarnecky


With Hannibal having finished his final course at NBC (and man, was that finale something), it only seems appropriate to commemorate the show in some way. While it was known for its thought-provoking ruminations on the human psyche, as well as its slickly written and thrilling storylines, what always set the show apart was its graphic violence. It will undoubtedly hold the record for the most violent thing to come out of network television for years to come.

It’s strange though, because as brutal as the images were, many of them were beautiful, in a dark and twisted way. Sometimes they were tableaus featuring bodies strewn about in a creative fashion. Other times it was because of the show’s marvelous cinematography (the Season 2 finale, for example, captivated viewers with its presentation). Fannibals, as we are called, wear the show’s violence as a badge of honor. I don’t know what that says about us. Does it make us sadists in some way? I don’t think so, as the show was critically acclaimed. And though the level of violence was unparalleled, people in general gravitate to thrillers and murder mysteries. Alfred Hitchcock made a career out of directing them. Perhaps we are not so different from Dr. Lecter. Either way, here are the…

Top 10 Most Horrifying Moments from NBC’s Hannibal.

Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD. Also, reader discretion is highly advised.

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