There’s no doubt last summer had some pretty big fish.  The sequel to Avengers.  A Pixar gem.  The biggest surprise no one saw coming.  Seriously, how did Jurassic World make that much money?  While this summer won’t bring any $600 Million plus mammoth blockbusters, it’s going to be the season of attrition.  Marvel.  DC.  X-Men.  Ninja Turtles.  Star Trek.  Alice in Wonderland.  Jason Bourne.  Video game adaptations.  90’s Nostalgia.  We’ve been eying this summer for a long time.  Law of averages tells us that something significant is going to bomb, or at least vastly under perform.  What will it be?  Star Trek?  Independence Day?  The new Ghostbusters, where stink lines are still emanating from the trailer.  We’ve already seen films like Deadpool clean up in February, and a Batman v Superman movie that skated by due to zero competition in March.  When this summer is complete, we may see studios move films like crazy from the summer of 2017.

We aren’t here to talk about next year though.  We’re here to sort out all the mayhem for 2016.  I’ve studied, analyzed and nitpicked release calendars like a guy who has string theories taped up in his apartment.  Break out the Texas Instrument Calculators – it’s my

6th Annual Top 10 Summer Box Office Predictions


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