Bustin’ Makes Us Feel Good: Our Final Thoughts Going Into Ghostbusters


2016 has been the year where everyone gets really mad about everything, and then spews that anger (in word, meme, gifs, or video form) on social media or in the comments section of any site, blog, social media channel or YouTube page. Then of course there’s the anger to the anger, which results in the same cycle of shouting through words, memes, gifs, or video.

This cycle of anger — both justified and unjustified — has made the new Ghostbusters film one of the most controversial/talked about movies in a while. The trailers received massive backlash, but there’s been a lot of radio silence in regards to the more truncated TV spots that have been released. Maybe this is because there’s real things in the world happening that are important, and frightening, or everyone’s just obsessed with Pokemon Go.

Also we can go to Rotten Tomatoes (which seems to be the end-all, be-all of whether you should see a movie these days) and see it’s currently at 77% Fresh. That’s a hell of a higher rating than any doomsayer would’ve thought.

We all know the arguments about the cast, did it need to be remade, etc. So we decided to task some of our film writers, and see what their final thoughts headed into the film where. Will they see, won’t they – why? And will this movie do any respectable business at the box office, or will the negativity send it into the toilet?

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  1. I was not a fan of the first two trailers, but I have to say the trailers that have played on TV for the past month or two have really changed my mind about this movie. Checking it out on Saturday, hoping it’s going to be awesome.

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