The Doctor Who Spin-off, Class, Receives High Marks

Written by Sheena Fisher

Photo Courtesy of BBC America

Class Series Premiere, ‘For Tonight We Might Die’ Plot Summary:

Sixth-Form students at the Coal Hill Academy — Charlie (Greg Austin), Ram (Fady Elsayed), April (Sophie Hopkins), Tanya (Vivian Oparah), and their teacher Ms. Andrea Quill (Katherine Kelly) all experience very creepy, frightening, and real danger lurking in the shadows at their show.

The iconic school from Doctor Who is back and is the focal point of its own TV series spin-off. Class has a TV-14 rating which explains the 10PM time slot. Monsters, mysterious teachers, an alien prince, and high school angst lies ahead. The vibe of Breakfast Club meets Doctor Who. Two of my favorite things.

Obviously, there are aliens and they have connections with The Doctor. Without ruining too much, these aliens are the last of their species and have taken sanctuary on Earth with help from the Doctor. The students are gearing up for their prom. Of course most of the students are oblivious to alien existence. Except for the few that have been attacked by mysterious and scary monsters after school hours.

There’s a pretty cool story line brewing here, but that’s the basic spoiler-free explanation. So far I really like the character development. The students that are aware of the monsters are all connected by a course they take together. The aliens’ back story is already deep and ridiculously cool. That’s right, there’s more than on type of alien taking refuge at Coal Hill. The monsters are strong, powerful, and creepy. There’s also some surprising, but not excessive, gore that you would never see in Doctor Who.

You can expect a cameo from The Doctor. OK, spoiler not spoiler. It’s a spin-off, characters from the main show do make appearances from time-to-time. Anyway, the students are surprisingly brave, open-minded, and all around bad-ass for a variety of reasons. I really enjoyed watching this and look forward to seeing where the story goes.

Rating: 9/10

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