Shirtless Bearfighter #5 Review

In issue 4, Jaxon Logger did what most villains do. He revealed his ultimate scheme to torture Shritless. And at the beginning of this issue we get a recap of just how evil Jaxon is. He goes into detail of everything for the reader. It really sets the stage for you to want Shirtless to tear him apart.

Shirtless wastes no time to flush Jaxon out of his war machine. Remember Jaxon likes to travel around in a giant toilet? When I say flush, I legit mean flushed out. Brother Bear is there to pick up Jaxon and protect him. From here you will see an epic fight scene between Shirtless and Brother Bear. Who wins? Well, read this issue and find out exactly how this fight between brothers goes down.

Meanwhile Jaxon is heading to his lab to unleash some new evil. Jaxon emerges in a Fuzzy Wipes branded bear-proof suit. I wonder if Jaxon ever stopped to think and realize that Shirtless isn’t a bear? Raised by bears, yes, an actual bear, no. Our villain just isn’t street-wise. Jaxon may be able to control bears with magic bacon, but he sure as shit can’t put two and two together as to why a bear-proof suit of armor may not work against Shirtless.

Now we get to meet an adorable character, Lawyer Bear. Lawyer Bear informs the rest of the bears that Jaxon still owns the forest. The unfortunate thing is that Jaxon Logger is book-smart. How can the bears regain ownership of the forest? Jaxon refuses to sign the forest over. But, if you’ve been reading to this point you know there are ways around that, and that there are certain mind control things that could be done to make Jaxon agree. Now, I can’t tell you if that happens. You need to read the exciting conclusion to see if they are successful in getting back control of the forest from Fuzzy Wipes. And, of course you’ll know to know what happens to Shirtless after all this insanity.

Guys, guys, I cannot express how much I have loved this entire run. This is the most original story I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

In the first two issues I expected the comic to be nothing but absurd and awesome hilarity. But, the comic actually developed a pretty interesting plot. The comedy and the plot mixed together so well. A big burly shirtless man that loves to eat flapjacks and travels around in a bear-plane stole my heart. Pick up an issue and see if he steals your heart too. Or, wait for Volume 1 to come out on December 6th. I really hope there is more Shirtless Bearfighter in the future.

Rating: 9.5/10

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