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Golden Globe Reactions…

bill bodkin and brent johnson have had time to mull it over now, so here are their reactions to this year’s Golden Globe winners …

The 2010 Golden Globes, like any awards show, was a mixed bag. Bad speeches, boring presenters and lame jokes were coupled with tear shedding emotion, genuine surprises and some brilliant off-the-cuff humor.

The one thing that stood out was that longtime Hollywood actors — Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Bacon, Toni Collette,

John Lithgow and Robert Downey Jr. — finally got their day. At one point all these actors had been written off. Bullock, once Hollywood’s top earning actress, she went from going down the slippery slope Meg Ryan fell down to re-emerging as the most bankable actress in town. For Bridges, a Hollywood lifer, this was his lifetime achievement award. For Downey Jr, it was just another cherry on top of his comeback tour sundae. For Bacon and Barrymore, validation of their underrated acting chops. For Lithgow and Collette, while their days as top billed stars may have passed on the big screen, their prowess on the small screen is still undeniable.

About Ricky: I love Ricky Gervais. He’s simply one of
the best comic minds in the world. Hiring him as the host for the Globes was a stroke of genius. So … why was he never on screen? There will be some who will complain about his excessive self-promotion. I see the point, but it would’ve come off better if he had more onscreen time. I mean the guy is the first host in decades and he’s relegated to what, 10 minutes on air? I think he would’ve been better suited to host the Oscars. Usually a more serious show, a healthy dose of Ricky would’ve worked wonders.

Worst Speech: Everyone from Grey Gardens. Good movie, but terrible speeches. Drew Barrymore was near incoherent and the producers … seriously … no one cares … move along.

Line of the Night: “Ahhh, I was once a cliche.” — Colin Farrell

Final Note: So Avatar is breaking all these box-office records, but I know only two people who’ve seen it. When Titanic came out, I knew people who had seen it twice in theatres. Just a thought.
— BB


The Golden Globes aren’t always a perfect predictor of the Oscars. The Hollywood Foreign Press often picks more quirky winners than the Academy. But something tells me most of this year’s Globe-getters may be a solid preview at Oscar night.

Also, I adored Ricky Gervais as host. He was a bit too heavy on the self-promotion — one of the things some critics pick on him for. But he was sharp and biting on his commentary on NBC. And him drinking beer in-between jokes? Ballsy.
— BJ


Brent: I actually saw James Cameron’s blue-toned 3-D epic for the second time the afternoon of the Globes. I had liked it the first time — much more than I expected to, especially because it had more of a moving story than I expected. But the second time? I noticed more that the dialogue was stilted and that Cameron’s beloved 3-D was actually more distracting than thrilling.

So I was all the more sad that it seems to be firmly established now as the Oscar front-runner, replacing the incredibly smarter, more layered — and yes — more entertaining Up In The Air. But I now expect the Academy to make Cameron king of the world again. Unless The Hurt Locker pulls off a Crash-like upset. Up In The Air, sadly, seems to be fading.

Bill: It’s Titanic all over again. I have to reserve judgment on this, since I have not seen Avatar, but it looks like Avatar will steamroll at least five-plus awards at the Oscars now. Effects, sound, etc. are a shoe-in, now best picture. This reminds me of when Titanic defeated L.A. Confidential — the far superior movie. This year, it’ll be Avatar crushing the superior Hurt Locker. Oscars = Avatar.

Brent: This one was actually unexpected. I thought the Globes would give it to Kathryn Bigelow to spread some love to The Hurt Locker. But at the risk of repeating myself, this just cements Avatar’s Oscar momentum. My hope? Quentin Tarantino will upset come Oscar night. For some reason, I could see that happening.

Bill: So this solidified Avatar winning best picture. Cameron poured his soul into this film, and you have to give him major league credit. But frankly … who cares. This is another big-budget epic with a cheesy love story in it, right? Bigelow and Tarantino deserved the nod at this awards show over Cameron. Let him have the Oscar, let someone else take the Globe.

Brent: Clooney’s performance is more nuanced, more charming. But it’s hard to ignore Bridges’ boozy turn — and the fact that he’s never been honored with an Oscar in the past. Then again, Mickey Rourke won the Globe last year, and Sean Penn was honored by the Academy.

Bill: I thought Clooney had this in the bag — as Up In The Air was supposed to be a career role for him. But The Dude Abides, man! Glad to see Bridges win, and this makes for an interesting race come Oscar time. And did anyone see how pissed Tobey Maguire looked that he lost?

Brent: This is the one category that seemed open-ended. I would have went with Carey Mulligan’s excellent work in An Education. But this may be Bullock’s year — unless her Globe win is too much of a novelty for Oscar to agree with.

Bill: I saw this one coming a mile away. Her performance was seen by more people than An Education, Precious, The Last Station and Young Victoria combined.

Brent: Could this mean a ribald comedy with tigers, Mike Tyson and a pants-less Zach G. could be one of the 10 films nominated for the Oscars’ best picture? Probably not. But a welcome surprise win here.

Bill: Many will argue (500) Days Of Summer was better and as a film it was, but The Hangover was a million times funner. Boo to Zach Galifianakis not being nominated (or at the show).

Brent: A weak category — and a slightly surprising win. I thought Daniel Day-Lewis would take it here. But Downey gave the best speech. Comical and oddly touching.

Bill: Surprise of the night for me. I figured they’d go with the gold standard (Daniel Day-Lewis) or the hot hand (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Instead, it was Captain Charisma. Great performance, great actor and … great speech.

Brent: No surprise here. She might actually give Sandra the most competition come Oscar night.

Bill: It seemed absurd that Meryl Streep would be playing Julia Child, but once again, Streep proved she’s simply the best.

Brent: I was extremely happy to see the previously unknown German win here — for easily what was the best performance of the year. I wasn’t sure whether he had the clout to go all the way with the Academy. I think he’s the front-runner now.

Bill: He’s a shoe-in for the Oscar, because he was absolutely the best on-screen villain of the decade. No one will touch him this year.

Brent: She’ll likely win the Oscar. But I’m still hoping Anna Kendrick will pull off an upset for her uptight yet likable turn in Up In The Air.

Bill: I’m not surprised that Mo’nique won. The Vera/Anna split on Up In The Air eliminated them off the bat for me and Julianne and Penelope’s films didn’t have the mass appeal. And the theme of longtime Hollywood-ites getting there day applies to Mo’Nique, as well. She was a D-List former sitcom star, who now can be considered a serious and talented actress.

Brent: The only love for Up In The Air. Which still baffles me — for two reasons. 1. Inglourious Basterds is a better screenplay. 2. Why the sudden loss of love for Jason Reitman’s taut, terrific, timely, topical film?

Bill: Real tough category. District 9 and Inglorious Basterds were probably a little too weird for voters. I think we’ll see this win the Oscar, too. And how bright is Jason Reitman’s career?

Brent: A given — despite the well-loved Fantastic Mr. Fox being in the same category. I expect Up to become the first Oscar best picture nom since Beauty And The Beast in 1993.

Bill: Up was by far the most superior of the animated films. Fantastic Mr. Fox was quote unquote fantastic, but it didn’t have the emotional knockout punch Up had. So the question is … will be nominated for best animated feature and best picture at The Oscars?

Brent: I’m just glad James Horner didn’t win for Avatar. I still can’t forgive him for “My Heart Will Go On.”

Bill: This win put doubts in my mind that Avatar would take the big awards. I was wrong. Up was a great movie with a great soundtrack.

Brent: It takes a lot to beat Paul McCartney in a music category. But this song — one of many great tunes from this country music flick — is moving and memorable. It deserves to win on Oscar night, too.

Bill: Big shock. Could’ve won because they couldn’t decide between McCartney, U2 or James Horner. Either way, nice to see the longtime Coen Brothers collaborator win.

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  1. hey! don’t pick on producers’ speeches! hahaha
    Depending on the production, it’s one of the most stessful and thankless jobs. Let them have their moment!

  2. i completely understand that speeches are very important and producers need that time to bask in some glory.

    but i felt these people took it a little too far. i mean they blatantly went over time and when they got their music cue they would not stop. and what they said was self-congratulatory and pointless.

  3. Brent: You’re a taut, terrific, timely, topical film.

    Bill: Thanks for fixing the “du”! You have my eternal gratitude.

  4. well done, boys.

    I’m glad you could put your Clooney man-crush on hold to give the Dude some props, Brent, but you know very well Bad Blake could slaughter Ryan Bingham (no, not his songwriter).

    But talk about looking pissed, did you see reitman when they anounced Avatar/Cameron again and again? Poor guy.

  5. Just saw “The Hurt Locker”, Avatar better be fantasic because this movie was awsome. Can’t remember seeing a movie that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The acting was right on. Brent forget Clooney. No matter what part he plays he’s Clooney and I’m not saying that’s bad but I would like to see some range.

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