The WWE-ek: Vickie is Baaaaaaack


Vickie is baaaaaaack!

Yeah, Vince McMahon introduced her as the new General Manager of SmackDown. I think people were either tired, bored, or completely forgot Booker T and Teddy Long were engaged in some sort of friendly rivalry where they flipped between face and/or heel each week. Sting in TNA would be jealous of how many character switches they went through.

Anyway, AJ Lee and Big E. Langston share a near-intimate moment, but the two hold off before anything happens. Awwww. Is Langstiong saving himself for “the one” he truly loves? Barf. The Usos and Mark Henry continue their feud with The Shield. Anyone else think Henry turned face way too fast? Not talking about a storyline swerve at all. You had a big beast of a man steamroll through everyone, and then ONE loss to Cena and Henry returns to the side of angels? Really? Rob Van Dam goes from an epic five-star match with Jericho on RAW to a -17 with Darren Young on SmackDown. RVD does his usual shtick while Young serves as the jobber he is. FIRE HIM. In regards to Jericho, he does the job to Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman rips into CM Punk the Miz TV segment. Miz needs something new, his humor fell flat. Daniel Bryan beat Wade Barrett, no surprise there. Not referring to Bryan winning, but Barrett losing again.

Very entertaining between Rhodes and Sandow. Who would have thought these two would become the most-watch feud post-PPV? These guys need to have some epic matches in the near future. Put them in another Ladder Match, or just go with the Cage.

Dolph Ziggler is still fighting to reclaim a main event spot. I wonder if WWE does not have faith he is ready for it. It seems like they were willing to let him run with the 10-pounds of gold around his waist, but once the injury happened it all changed. Now back to mid-card again. Poor guy.

The big story running now is when Orton will cash in on Cena. To be honest, I hope the answer is never. Orton vs. Cena is not a dream match, it is not an epic encounter or any other bad cliché you throw in. It has been done before, more than once, and frankly if you want a match which will plummet ratings lower than TNA, watch a Cena/Orton match. Punch punch, kick kick, A B A B, etc. Boring. Unless you like watching two guys act like Double Dragon video game characters.

Another big story is Punk vs. Brock. You see, this will be an epic match. I do not need to say anything else. Punk. Brock. Done.

The question of the SummerSlam undercard will hopefully find answers in the next few weeks. Ambrose does not have a challenger for the United States Championship, while we do know his Shield partners will probably defend against The Usos once again. Perhaps Mark Henry will go for the U.S. strap?

Not much else to wrap up this week, it feels like a calm before a storm. The main event stage has been set, with Cena defending the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. I cringe at the thought of Bryan winning the title… only for Orton to cash in. *shudder*