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Singles Party: Dads, ‘Boat Rich’


The Singles Party goes local this week. And when we say local, we mean the birthplace of Pop-Break — New Brunswick, New Jersey. While we’re proud to call Asbury Park our home, the concept for this magazine was born on the streets of Hub City. It’s also home to a majority of our staff’s alma mater, Rutgers University. So, when our music editor Jason Stives suggested we tackle the latest from Brunswick-based band, Dads, it was a no-brainer.

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Nick Porcaro: From the sound of “Boat Rich”, it seems like the duo known as Dads really needs to work on its intros. The song starts with a fairly technical but limply played electric guitar riff accompanied by unremarkable indie rock mumbling. It’s only when Dads kick into a louder, fuller chorus that the song starts to grab one’s attention; from there on I found it easier to ignore the occasionally clumsy drumming. And really, that’s the problem here—Dads have some solid ideas, but their execution isn’t quite there yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about local music, but this song didn’t work well enough for me to recommend it. Verdict: one and done

Jason Stives: Dads’ impressive 2012 release American Radass (this is important) was a bright flash in the sudden burst of great indie emo music coming out of the tri state area being just as on par as any other major label release at the time. With the upcoming Pretty Good EP the duo have stepped up the production quality sounding tighter and fuller than they have ever been. Compared to the first track sampled from this EP, the rather heavy handed “My Crass Patch,” new track “Boat Rich” is more inline with the material off Radass. Featuring guitarist Scott’s rather intricate finger picking and drummer John’s ever present thud and bang drumming it goes full force out of the gate. The vocals while still not as polished displays bigger game and strength creating one solid emo track to add to your car’s playlist. Sorry in advance mister steering wheel, you will get a bruising. Verdict: Add to the Playlist


Jason Kundrath: Along with their contemporaries the Front Bottoms, Dads provide more evidence of an emo-revival. “Boat Rich” captures the sound of that genre circa 2000 perfectly: The loose, fluttering fretwork, the choppy syncopated rhythms, and the desperate, passionate vocals. When it’s done right, I love this stuff. And Dads are following a very authentic recipe here. But while I don’t mind “Boat Rich,” I don’t love it either. I am, however, looking forward to the rest of the EP, and I can probably guarantee that there will be at least one great song on there Verdict: One and Done

Bill Bodkin: “Boat Rich” is a good song. Seriously a solid, enjoyable track. However, it really lacks staying power for me. There’s nothing about the song that really grabs me by the throat or heartstrings or the soul and inspire me to add to my playlist. Like Jason Kundrath, I too look forward to more from Dads because it’s obvious that these guys know how to write good music, but there’s just something missing for me. Verdict: One and done.

Final Verdict: The nays have it this week. While two out of three of the negatives hold out hope for the rest of the band’s music, we cannot recommend you adding ‘Boat Rich’ to your playlist.

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