The WWE-ek: Labor Day Weekend Edition


Sad news in WWE this week, Ted Dibiase Jr. has decided not to renew his contract. A lot of people, I am sure thought he was already gone from the company since he has not been seen on TV in months. Unfortunately the son of the Million Dollar Man had a career full of injury, but on the plus side became a father. I think he made the right call to hang up the boots and be a family man. We hear and read stories of marriages crumbling due to the rigors of a WWE schedule, and for some it works, for others it does not. I wish Ted the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do in the future.


RAW and SmackDown both hit the incredible level this week. Going off what Bill wrote on Tuesday morning about WWE showcasing its young talent, this is something we said would happen about two years ago when WWE began bringing its younger talent in from FCW/NXT, many of whom became famous in the independent circuit. If you think about it, Kane, Mark Henry, Christian, RVD, Jericho, and even Randy Orton are considered what is left of the old guard in the company. Not to say they do not have the skills they once had, but a new era of fresh blood has taken over the wrestling scene, and clearly the talent they have will certainly be the main eventers of the future.

Titus O’Neal had a one-on-one with Jack Swagger, and this was the match I was waiting for. No, not a Titus vs. Swagger, but finally, seeing Titus in singles competition and showing he can utterly dominate the ring on his own. I promise you, he will be a World Champion one day.

Daniel Bryan. What else can be said? Nothing! Have you see him in the ring? Notice how his matches seem to take up most of the individual TV time allotments on RAW or SmackDown? Well, because he can.

The new Corporation is taking form, seems like Triple H and Vince McMahon have a solid stable on their hands. With kingpin Randy Orton as their chosen champion, it is not surprising The Shield is aligned with them as well. But do not think it is because of their nature to interfere, but because they have the United States and Tag Team Championships. Triple H has a cabal of champions on his hands. On the other side, we now have Ziggler, Miz, Bryan, Big Show, and Mark Henry who have all be recent victims of this new corporate alliance. I really would like to see a new Corporation stable come together. It is being teased at the moment, but making it official would be pretty awesome. Anyone remember The Union? Led by Big Show and the Rock, it was a list of main eventers banding together to stop Vince and his cabal. Good feuds came out of it.

Moving on, WWE has been heating up, and dare I say, hotter than SummerSlam. Night of Champions is shaping up to be incredible, and I have no doubt Bryan will be denied his rightful WWE champion due to either stipulation, interference, or some sort of insanity which will make jaws drop.

Anyone watching NXT recently? A lot of new talent rising up, and some of these guys are definite future main eventers. There is a guy who kinda looks like Samoa Joe. Maybe the Master of the Muscle Buster ought to weigh his options, because once Alexander Rusev heads to the main roster, WWE might not be interested in Mr. Joe.