TV Recap: Guy’s Grocery Games

Written by Allison Lips


Guy’s Grocery Games is the latest Food Network competition show, but you shouldn’t hold that against it. The show takes the best parts of Supermarket Sweep, Ready…Set…Cook!, and Chopped and makes a surprisingly great game show.

Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg
Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg

Each week four contestants compete for a chance to make it to the bonus round, where they could win $20,000. In order to make it there, the contestants have to make it through three rounds of challenges, which all require them to run around a supermarket looking for ingredients. During those challenges, Guy Fieri keeps the contestants on their toes. Right when the contestants are feeling confident, Fieri throws an obstacle in their way.

Every week, the challenges thrown at the contestants will change. I can’t predict them, so we’re sticking to those featured in “Wild in the Aisles.” For Round 1, the contestants had to make spaghetti and meatballs, but the supermarket was out of pasta and ground beef. This didn’t throw off the contestants for long because they quickly realized that they could use any other kind of noodle and sausage or another ground meat. As with Chopped, the contestant who forgets an ingredient will probably be the first to go, so a woman who forgot the noodles was forced to “check out.”

Fieri made the second round significantly harder. The contestants had to spend less than $7 on a meal for a family of four. While in real life that is almost impossible, Fieri helped the contestants with specials that you aren’t going to find at the local supermarket. There’s no way you’re getting chicken for $1.50 a package. However, he had to throw the contestants a bone. Surprisingly, not all of them bit. One woman completely ignored all the deals, ended up over budget, messing up her dish, and being checked out.

Photo Credit: Anders Krusber
Photo Credit: Anders Krusber

For the final round, Fieri allowed the remaining two contestants to make whatever they wanted as long as it came from the frozen aisle. One made dessert, the other made an entrée, which probably made it hard to judge. The man who made the entrée advance to the bonus round, so maybe desserts aren’t a viable option on Guy’s Grocery Games unless it’s the actual challenge.

The rules for the “Super Shopping Spree” bonus round are a modified version of the Supermarket Sweep bonus round. Instead of answering riddles and find objects, the contestant is given a list of ten items and two minutes to find them. Each item is worth $2,000. If all 10 are found, the contestant wins $20,000. It’s hard, but doable, especially when the judges are rooting the contestants on and telling them where items can be found.

Guy’s Grocery Games is great for game show junkies and Food Network fans. While the show is enjoyable and perfect for the whole family, the show makes you long for a remake of Supermarket Sweep.

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  1. I would love to find out how to be able to become a contestant on this show. I know I would do great. Please let me know if there is a way to register or apply.

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