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The Singles Party: Young the Giant, “It’s About Time”

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Young the Giant burst onto the scene in 2010 with high-energy reckless abandon. Their songs became a staple on modern rock radio and soon the stuff of beer commercials and television trailers. Now, the band is returning with their sophomore release in January 2014. In a recent interview they were quoted as saying they had an aggressive plan to defeat the dreaded “sophomore slump.” The band recently dropped their new single “It’s About Time” so the Singles Party crew looks to see if the band is practicing what they’re preaching.

Nick Porcaro: The latest track from Young the Giant lends a welcome burst of dynamics and diversity into the otherwise stagnant formula of an alt-rock single. Sameer Gadhia swiftly juxtaposes his powerful wail with a delicate whisper as the band bobs and weaves around his lead. And, surprisingly enough, the guitars switch to a neat Latin-flavored groove just as the more muscular sections begin to tire. Every member of Young the Giant contributes a worthy performance to this single, and although I wish the drum mix hit a little harder, the song is well-crafted enough to warrant a recommendation. Verdict: Add to Playlist.

Joe Zorzi: Young the Giant have the ability to make these great pop rock songs that drift into trippy, weird places without drifting too far. I was never a huge fan of them (mostly due to laziness) but they put on a hell of a performance when I saw them at Bonnaroo and have been good in my book ever since. While it took me a couple listens to digest “It’s About Time”, I’m definitely a fan. A casual listener could say it’s just a basic rock song, but there’s actually a lot going on here. The guitars are quite intricate and Sameer Gadhia’s vocals really shine throughout the track. Definitely give this a listen. Verdict: Add To Playlist


Jason Stives: Young the Giant is one of those bands that falls in between the cracks as a rock act in modern times. They have the sensibilities of an early 2000’s alt rock band but with enough credibility to be an indie act thanks to their bare bones but catchy music. Fans have been waiting what seems like ages for a follow up to their solid debut which spawned singles “My Body,” “Apartment,” and “Cough Syrup.” Our first taste of it “It’s About Time,” is a bit startling at best emphasizing a more grungier sound that leaves the laid back nature of their debut almost in the dust. Even lead singer Sameer Gadhia delivers more of an attitude than a quiver like he had before. It’s gutsy although hopefully the pay off of the record will be the same. This feels more like a song modern rock radio would welcome six or seven years ago but it still feels fresh. It’s not perfect and part of me wants a little more than the rather full and cut to the chase demeanor it invokes but it has caught my attention nonetheless. Verdict: Add to the Playlist

Bill Bodkin: You always have a little bit of fear about a band who’s coming off monstrous hits and is releasing a new record. We’ve seen it so many times — the band fails to recapture the magic or they try and go in some artsy fartsy direction which is just abysmal. Luckily, Young the Giant returns with a triumphant new single “It’s About Time.” You can see a definite maturation in the band’s sound but that same infectious rock ‘n’ roll energy that made so popular in the first place. This song is probably one of the better pure rock songs you’re going to hear all year. Verdict: Add to the Playlist.

Final Verdict: It’s unanimous — we love us some Young the Giant and we think you should too.

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