Video Game Review: Dead Rising 3

Written by Eric Gallegos


Although I have heard of the Dead Rising series, I never really picked one up until I managed to get my hands on an Xbox One when it was launched back in November. The series never particularly caught my eye, but because there were so few games available for the Xbox One, I figured why not.

Dead Rising 3 follows Nick who finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak in the open world of Los Perdidos, California. The story follows mostly every zombie game of the past and it isn’t trying to be a scary and horrifying zombie game. Instead, Dead Rising 3 focuses on an outrageous and over the top weapon system. Items and weapons can be found every couple feet in this open world game, and they can range from a shotgun, to a samurai sword, and even a giant teddy bear.

Scattered throughout the world are blueprints that allow you to combine weapons to create ridiculously insane power weapons. You can combine a teddy bear with a chainsaw which will in turn spin around killing hordes of zombie. It was always fun to find a blue print to see what crazy weapon I could create next and this is truly a really fun thing to have.

The main focus point of Dead Rising 3 is killing zombies in insanely creative ways. Sure you can follow the story, but it is simply fun gathering weapons and killing hundreds and hundreds of zombies. There is a tracker on the top left corner that allows you to see how many zombies you have killed while playing. After completing the main storyline, I managed to rack up 20,000 kills. There was never an end to the satisfaction I got when I ran over a huge horde of zombies.

Graphically, this game is nothing special. It will be great to see what the Xbox One is fully capable once developers begin to get a feel for the system, but I would say this is on par with a really good Xbox 360 game. What is impressive is the amount of activity that can be found on the screen. As I previously mentioned, there are crazy amounts of zombies that can be found. In some instances there can be hundreds on the screen, but the game never once slowed down.

Dead Rising 3 also has online multiplayer which is incredibly fun to play. You can play with a friend or jump into someone’s game online. Multiplayer is an extremely rewarding experience, and I had even more fun when I had someone to play alongside with. It never took too long to find a game, although there were issues of the server dropping which was a shame.

Overall, I had a blast with Dead Rising 3. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece or an amazing game, but it is one I had a lot of fun with and would recommend if you were looking for something to hold you off on until the next big game. While the graphics aren’t anything worthwhile, it was astonishing to see the amount of activity that occurs onscreen. Killing hordes of zombies has never been this fun.

Rating: 7/10


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