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TV Recap: TripTank, Series Premiere

Written by Allison Lips


If you read High Times and think Colorado is the Promised Land, then Comedy Central’s TripTank is for you. Anyone whose not stoned would do best to pass on this show. TripTank is an intentionally poorly animated sketch comedy show that’s high on the gross out humor and complete randomness. Your mom would not approve, which will probably make the show appeal to 15-year-old boys.


For the most part, TripTank isn’t clever. The majority of jokes revolve around gory deaths and lots of sex. However, there are a few gems hidden in all of that depravity. In a parody of Looney Toons, there was a box that said Acmezon. TripTank ended its first episode with as close to witty as you can get with this type of humor. The entire last sketch had a mother and father explain to their son about the birds and the bees. Only their introductory sex talk consisted entirely of kinky stuff.

Either you will get TripTank’s humor, find it offensive, or stare blankly at the television wondering what deranged mind came up with these concepts. It’s the type of show you will love or hate. There’s no “it’s only ok,” which is fine because fans of Ren and Stimpy and Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim will like TripTank. The rest of us will be falling asleep to Nick at Nite.


Allison Lips
Allison Lips
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