Bold Box Office Predictions: April 18-21


Notable Openings This Weekend: A Haunted House 2, Bears, Transcendence

Johnny Depp is a Computer opens this weekend – wait, I’m sorry. I meant Transcendence. If you were to ask me a couple months ago if this weekend in the calendar year could have box office potential, I would have said Transcendence might be a surprise hit. By the look of things though, that clearly isn’t going to happen, as the critics are doing everything in their power to unplug this movie from the mainframe. There’s also haunted houses and bears this weekend too, so we better get to it.


While fading, Johnny Depp’s star power is still viable, but that won’t nearly be enough to save Transcendence from a bomb-esque opening weekend. When this project was announced, I was really looking forward to it, mostly because it was Christopher Nolan’s Academy Award-winning cinematographer’s directorial debut (Wally Pfister). But as soon as Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany were announced, my interest sank like a stone. Not a big fan of either of those guys. The trailers turned me off even more, just completely lifeless and underwhelming. With an extremely low rotten tomatoes score, it’s clear this movie will come and go pretty darn quickly.

There’s A Haunted House 2 coming out?! That was my reaction when I looked up what was playing this weekend. Really? I know the first one made money, but this film hasn’t been marketed at all. I’m sure it was made for $2 bucks though, so it doesn’t really matter how it opens. It will get in the top five, but that’s all I can really say about it.

Then we have Bears. Ugh. I hate predicting these random wild life documentary movies. Seriously, it wouldn’t shock me if I woke up Sunday morning and saw that Bears made $45 Million opening weekend at the box office. Also, this is being narrated by John C. Reilly? I thought there was an actual law passed that said only Morgan Freeman can narrate these types of movies. What the hell?

How Will It All Break Down…

Due to crappy reviews, Transcendence fails, leaving the door open for Captain America to throw that shield one more time a top the box office.


1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier — $23 Million
2) Rio 2 — $22 Million
3) Transcendence — $17.5 Million
4) A Haunted House 2 — $10.5 Million
5) Bears — $9.5 Million

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