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#Friday Reads: ‘Gulp. Adventures on the Alimentary Canal’ by Mary Roach


If you spend your life (or perhaps a small enough portion of your life) on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram, you may have seen #FridayReads. What’s? #FridayReads? Simple. It’s you telling the world what you happen to be reading. Easy. Simple. We read here at Pop-Break, so why don’t we add our two cents too? So starting today, we will bring you a #FridayReads highlighting what one of us is reading. These aren’t necessarily new books either, so perhaps you’ll find something you’ve never read before. So join us with your thoughts and comments either here or on Twitter and Facebook. Hope you find something for your #FridayReads!

Gulp. Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach


I normally don’t go for books like this. By “this” I mean, physical science. Give me neuroscience and astrophysics any day, but science of the body? Eww. However, I’m always up for new things, especially when one of my favorite local NPR talk show hosts has a book club. Leonard Lopate from WNYC has one. And yes, this was the book for April, but come on! You know how many books I have to read? So I’m finally digging into this strangely fascinating view of the human body. However, it’s not for the squeamish. And I advise one who is to perhaps not read this while eating. I’m not too far into it, but already I’ve had some gag moments.

This is my first Mary Roach book, and the thing that I’m liking the best is the humor. She has footnotes with the strangest asides I’ve seen outside fiction, and I love all of them. She has writing style that makes you feel like you’re listening to one of your smart, funny friends tell a story after dinner. As I explained it to a friend of mine, who is also a “Lenny Lover” (his words not mine), Gulp is like listening to RadioLab or another really awesome science podcast.

So, if you’re a science lover with a sense of humor, pick up this book. One can breeze through the book on a rainy Friday like the one we are having right now in New Jersey. It’s quite *ahem* easy to digest.



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