Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Written by Mallory Delchamp


If there is anyone in Hollywood who just doesn’t age it is Tom Cruise. After seeing his latest film, Edge of Tomorrow I almost felt as though I was watching a more sci-fi version of Top Gun. The man continues to do what he has done for the past 20 years and he does it well.


Directed by Doug Liman, known for his work on the Bourne Identity films, Edge of Tomorrow tells the time traveling story of a man named William Cage and his quest to save the futuristic world from a powerful race of supernatural beings. The kicker? When Cage dies, he resets the day and has to once again brave the tedious journey to end the war. While the film’s trailer made the movie look absolutely exhausting (the film’s tag line, is “live.die.repeat” after all). Edge of Tomorrow is actually very entertaining and enjoyable. It’s the perfect cinematic mixture of both time travel and war. It’s suitable for fans of the Bourne series and Doctor Who. It’s Groundhog Day meets Battlestar Galactica. And unlike most action films it refrains from being completely predictable. While avoiding spoilers, the film’s ending is definitely a surprise.

The film not only features the forever young Tom Cruise but it also features Emily Blunt, who looks absolutely stunning in the film and could easily be compared to Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft. While Blunt is more known for roles in romantic comedies such as The Five Year Engagement and The Devil Wears Prada, Edge of Tomorrow solidifies her versatility as an actress and I strongly believe that this film will allow her to be featured in more action films in the future. Blunt shines as the ruthless war leader, Rita and she and Cruise play well off of each other. While the film’s premise is a bit far-fetched and unbelievable at times, Cruise and Blunt’s genuine performances allow viewers to fall into Edge of Tomorrow’s post-apocalyptic world. Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Troy) excels in his role as the war hero, General Bringham, whom recruits William Cage to take part in the war.


Not surprisingly the film also has monumental special effects and while I usually leave the theatre unimpressed after seeing most 3D films, this movie is meant for 3D technology. The villainous super natural beings who have taken over Europe practically jump off the screen and there are several moments in the film that are so realistic that they make Ridley Scott’s Alien seem like a Disney movie. At roughly two hours in length I didn’t find myself bored once and I was completely enthralled throughout the duration of Liman’s film.

Bottom Line: As I have said about many of the films of this summer season, Edge of Tomorrow is enjoyable and fun. It’s certainly not an Oscar-winner by any means but it’s a suitable action film and will please filmgoers who crave an energetic film that doesn’t feature any superheroes.

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