TV Recap: True Blood, ‘Fire in the Hole’

Written by Laura Dengrove


The return of old blood may spill some fresh blood this week on True Blood.

Death, mayhem, and disaster followed the third episode from start to beginning, it led for a refreshing turn of events for a show that has seemed to become stale.

In “Fire in the Hole,” we find poor old Sookie in the same old dilemma — which guy should I fall for this week? No, it’s not all the dead bodies from last episode that has her worried, but instead it’s the questions of whether she loves Bill (Stephen Moyer) or Alcide (Joe Manganiello) or …who cares to be completely honest? The love triangles in this show became boring once they introduced Alcide into the mix.

Keep it simple, True Blood.

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Besides the little, selfish world Sookie continues to live in, the town becomes even more crazy and panicked as the townsfolk handle guns and begin shooting people and vampires, up. This can only spell disaster for the sane folk in Bon Temps, but spells good fun for the viewers at home.

While the same old blood still flows through this shows veins, (love triangles, weird V trips, lots of Southern accents, etc…) some new blood, and shocking twists, have appeared to bring some life back into a show about the living dead.

By surprisingly killing off characters that were going nowhere, return of fan favorites, a marked improvement in the overall acting and more coherent plotlines and writing, True Blood is starting to look familiar again. However, the show isn’t without its fault. Some storylines, and characters need to be dropped like others have, and the amount of flashbacks in the show are ridiculous and should become sparse over the next few episodes if the show wishes to end on a high note.

While the death of some major characters spells sadness, and excitement, for the show, returning characters also spells the same. (Spoiler) Fan favorite Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) returns to the show to add some much needed cheeriness, and hopeful potential to become a major player. No matter how much of Sarah Newlin is shown on the show, she is always a delight to watch. The deaths in the show have also added a much-needed thrill for the show and while some have come from left field and were done rather quickly, boy are they welcomed.

The writing in the show has improved in both quality and content. The plotlines now seem to all intertwine in a logical and coherent manner. The actual stories being told are more interesting to watch. This improvement in the writing allows for fun characters, like Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) for example, that became boring to become fun once again.

Some minor faults in the show, however, still remain.

Storylines, such as any involving Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) and Holly (Lauren Bowles) need to be dropped. They have nothing interesting to attribute to this ever improving show, and can only drag it down from here on out. Frankly, was the Willa storyline ever really important to the plot?


Another huge downer for the show is all the flashbacks. While some are just played out, like Bill’s, (How many flashbacks does that man need for us to finally get he was human during the Civil War and had a family whom he loved?) others like Eric’s, just don’t make any sense. (Who the hell is this Sylvie girl and why are we just learning about her now after seven seasons?)

With taking away these minor annoyances in the show, it can only get better from there.

All in all, this episode has proven to be one of the best for the show, which says a lot for a series gone rotten in the past few seasons. The ever-improving quality of True Blood is slowly, but surely, improving and it is a wonderful sight to behold. The show that was once a must watch may have lost that title since season three, but with more episodes like this one, True Blood may just finally get its bite back before the season ends.

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