The WWE-EK: Incompetent Internet

week.jpgI love taking shots at Sometimes the stuff they post is really good and unexpectedly informative. However, recently there have been some headscratchers. Every week they do this stupid “selfie” section, which looks more like Instagram or posed photos, which defeats the whole selfie bit. To my bleak knowledge, the selfie is when you take a photo of yourself at arms length. At least 80% of these photos are not that. Plus, there always has to be one of Eva Marie looking like she’s trying REALLY hard to pose in a seductive manner which will gain attention, except no one knows who she is, and those who do, ignore her. Sorry, you’re not a sex symbol.

The questionable column compares the Usos to the Longest WWE Tag Team Champions. Number one on the list of longest reigning champions is the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Okay, I’m cool with those two underrated stars being held in high regard. However, majority of wrestling fans know Demolition as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions. One might think this only pertains to the lineage of the WWE Tag Team Titles originally created for the SmackDown brand during the brand-split years. However, on this top ten list, The Miz and John Morrison who were World Tag Team Champions, the same titles whose lineage includes Demolition, as well as the Colons who were the ones who unified the tag titles from both brands. Therefore, the writers of this column inadvertently acknowledged the lineage of the original WWWF/WWF/WWE Tag Team Championships.

I do not know the reasons why this went unchecked, but this is clearly poor editing and poor review of wrestling history. Then again, to the young John Cena fan, they would not even know who the hell Demolition was anyway.

Also this week, WWE featured a list of the 50 greatest WCW wrestlers. They even outlined their criteria, smart. Not so smart, putting Dennis Rodman on the list, even in the 40’s, but he never had any impact, in my opinion. While there were a lot of great selections, I felt if you had Buff Bagwell on there, I wonder if Disco Inferno or Steve “Mongo” McMichaels could have somehow fit on the list. There is the obvious, the giant Canadian elephant in the room, Chris Benoit. Another prime example of how someone so talented was once again left off another list where I believe would have made the top ten.

The funniest are reading the fan comments. Some people are just flat-out idiots. To prove I am not making this up, I took a screen image of the most idiotic display of stupidity in my life.


Then again, this is what you get for being one of those illiterate internet trolls. Can’t read worth a dime, and can’t use the internet to do a damn Wiki or Google search.

In other news, rumors are abound as Rob Van Dam has once again left WWE. Rumors are rumors folks, and while it was leaked he is appearing at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in Rahway, New Jersey on September 20th, we do not have official word from RVD or WWE on the matter. Until confirmation, rumors are just that. Rumors.

TNA got another break with SpikeTV. Either out of pity or guilt, the network is allowing Impact Wrestling to continue to air, on Wednesday nights, through the end of the year. First off, they just switched the day of the show without telling anyone, so the ratings took a steep nosedive. With WWE moving SmackDown back to Thursdays and NXT possibly being relocated to Wednesday, I am surprised Spike just didn’t throw in the towel. Funny, when WWE was on Spike, they were on top of the ratings world. They got TNA, and got a rude awakening.

It is sad, considering we got another great episode from the NYC tapings. They introduced to the roster and live crowd, plus Team 3D, The Hardys, and The Wolves, put on a match of epic-level action. There was another X Division melee which took me back to the good old days of the X Division. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, why did they wait until now to put on damn good shows?

It does seem they will get a deal with the Velocity channel, owned by the Discovery Network. I have never heard of this station, likely few else have as well. They would have been better off on Adult Swim. I have my doubts TNA will recuperate once their time with Spike is over.

GFW, again, standing for Global Force Wrestling, still working on multiple international agreements, but still stagnating on an official debut. Right now Jeff Jarrett and company are working hard on a solid television deal, plus solid locations to tape their shows. While I would imagine some are skeptical whether this will get off the ground, I feel Double J is playing the long game and the wait might very well be worth it.

Also, you can still buy 8x10s of himself and his wife. Splendid.

I checked out the Pro Wrestling Syndicate website, that show on September 20th in Rahway looks interesting. Maybe I ought to make an appearance…