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Fall 2014 Video Game Preview



Super Smash Bros. 
What: 3DS
When:  October 3rd
Why: Seriously? This needs an explanation? Ok, well, not only is the biggest fan service fighter there is, but this is the first time Nintendo’s battle behemoth is on a handheld. Mario vs. Link? Totally can be done while you are chilling in a hotel or a passenger on a long road trip. It’ll be time once again to show ya moves this October, only this time in the palm of your hand.

Sunset Overdrive
What:  XBOX One
When: October 28th
Why: Put  Crazy Taxi, Super Mario Sunshine, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Jet Grind Radio into a blender. What do you get? This game. Your character navigates stages by using the environment as their own personal parkour playground, trying to clean up a mess. Who knew doing chores could be this fun? The colorful pallette is sure to add to the proceedings, and will probably have a ridiculously good soundtrack. Well, it better at least. In any case, look to the sunset  as October 2014 ends.


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