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Fall 2014 Video Game Preview



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
What: Multiplatform
When:  November 4th
Why: The first person shooter has been highly successful, and is sure to do pretty well with the newest edition, out in early November. Plus, apparently Kevin Spacey plays a major role in the proceedings, most likely set in the near future. Anyone who is a fan of CoD will be shutting themselves in for a while playing this probably for a good long while.

December (?)
Super Smash Bros
What: Wii U

When: ????
Why: Despite the fact that we mentioned SSB for 3DS, the Wii U version will be a gaming experience all its own. As of right now, there is no official release date for the fighter, with Nintendo stating Holiday 2014 is the drop date. They better be more accurate quickly, because fans of the series can’t quench their thirst anymore with videos and trailers. Pac-Man and Mega Man are now joining the fray as well, so old school gamers have additional stuff to look forward to. Let’s hope that Nintendo can put the finishing touches on this soon. I can’t wait much longer myself.

*Release dates are subject to change 

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