Ranking Nolan


Ranking The Filmography of Director Christopher Nolan

In my humble opinion, Christopher Nolan is the best director working in Hollywood today. His movies are the rare breed that connects big idea spectacle with powerful character drama. He’s proven this time and time again. One of the elements I admire most about Nolan is that his films require your undivided attention. You can’t be texting or tweeting during his movies. Every detail is important. There’s a reason why so many incredible actors have worked with him, and why so many repeatedly work for him again. With only eight films under his belt, he’s already had one hell of a career as both writer and director. While some of his films are better than others, every time you walk out of a Christopher Nolan movie, you’ll be talking about it for days afterwards. Good or bad, I suspect that’s going to be the case with Interstellar, opening this weekend.

I could slobber all over Christopher Nolan for several paragraphs, as I’ve done many times before. I thought this would be a good opportunity though to look back at the man’s entire career, from humble beginnings to $2 billion dollar plus bat franchise. Once and for all I’m going to rank all these films, which on the Nolan scale means from “pretty good” all the way to “one of the greatest movies ever made.” So turn on your Tesla machine, grab a few spare bat tumblers, and let’s go eight dream levels deep with the one and only Christopher Nolan.


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