TV Recap: Elf – Buddy’s Musical Christmas


Plot Summary: A stop-motion animated musical with Jim Parsons as Buddy, the elf who goes to New York to find his father.

Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas is a rushed summation of the entire plot of Elf. It’s not bad, but in order for the special to make sense you have to be familiar with the plot of Elf or, as it worked in my case, have a vague idea of the plot. This isn’t a problem because, in recent years, the movie has become a modern classic and most people have sat through some part of it either by choice or against their will.

Photo Credit: Gary Krueger/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./NBC
Photo Credit: Gary Krueger/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./NBC

As for the music, it fit the special, but nothing was catchy and most songs were instantly forgettable. No one is going to be rushing out or hurrying to iTunes to download the soundtrack. Outside of Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas, the songs won’t make sense.

Once I over the fact that I am not the target audience Buddy’s Musical Christmas is a decent Christmas special. It has your typical grumpy person hates Christmas, but through the power of Christmas spirit becomes a happy person with a new appreciation for the holiday. If NBC airs this next year, it won’t be a surprise or elicit eye rolls.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas will re-air on Christmas.

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