Album Review: Meghan Trainor, ‘Title’


Meghan Trainor became music’s It Girl with her hit “All About That Bass,” so it’s no surprise that her debut album, Title, tries to capitalize on Trainor’s throwback sensibilities and her good girl sass. The result is an album that should have been interesting, but ends up sounding like a lounge act that would please your grandmother.

meghan-trainor1Title would be better if Trainor didn’t try so hard to be your best friend and convince everyone she’s a really good girl. She wants to be self-aware, but singing the line “My daddy knows I’m a good girl” in “Walkashame” completely unironically doesn’t work, especially when it’s followed up with “Title” when she tells off a guy for not making her his Mrs by singing “you might never get the chance to see me naked in your bed.”

“Close Your Eyes” is a song perfect for a 50s inspired high school prom, whereas “3am” sounds like Trainor’s attempt at a Katy Perry song. John Legend makes an appearance on “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” but that doesn’t elevate the song past Potbelly lunch rush material.

Despite being fairly boring, the only huge misstep on Title is “Bang Dem Sticks,” which has Trainor white girl rapping in the vein of Kesha. While Trainor isn’t a stranger to pseudo-rapping over a beat, “All About That Bass” and “Dear Future Husband” feature Trainor’s mediocre rap skills in a way that only enhanced her charm. “Bang Dem Sticks” makes you want to tell her to stop embarrassing herself.

If you’re in the mood for modern throwback pop just listen to Christina Aguilera’s album Back to Basics. Meghan Trainor won’t be able to live up to her full potential until she realizes that every 50s inspired song doesn’t have to be sickeningly sweet and that the hip-hop elements she incorporates into her songs aren’t exactly giving her street cred.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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