TV Recap: Broad City, ‘The Heat’ (Season 2 Premiere)


‘The Heat’ Plot Summary:

Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) search New York City for an air conditioner on an extremely hot day.

Broad City’s second season premiere, “In Heat,” won’t appeal to everybody because the show falls solidly into the category of gross-out sex comedy.

With Broad City, plot comes secondary to gags. Ilana’s outrageously inappropriate behavior provides some of the most memorable moments in the show, while the scenes that attempt to further the plot feel choppy and out of place. It doesn’t help that Abbi is usually the one that gets them closer to the goal of an air conditioner. Abbi’s a better person than Ilana, but isn’t so good that she provides an adequate foil for her friend.

Photo Credit: Lane Savage
Photo Credit: Lane Savage

The only saving grace for this show is that it takes place in New York City. Ilana and Abbi could be real people, which is a little unsettling. In some ways, Broad City holds a mirror up to New York and reveals the ugly truths. “In Heat” will enlighten out-of-towers to the fact that there are a lot of despicable people in New York, it’s disgustingly hot in the summer, and air conditioners are impossible to find one you need one the most.

Even though I don’t find Broad City funny, I watched “In Heat” with my mouth wide open the entire time. What I found horrifying, someone else will find hilarious, so Broad City did one part of its job well. While the show isn’t for me, I can’t write it off as a Comedy Central misfire. Comedy Central knows its audience and they watch stuff like this.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Broad City airs Wednesday nights on Comedy Central

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