TV Recap: Eye Candy, ‘K3U’ (Series Premiere)


Eye Candy Plot:

Lindy Sampson’s (Victoria Justice) friend Sophia (Kiersey Clemon) signs her up for a dating website called Flirtual. Instead of finding a date, Sampson finds herself the latest obsession of a possible serial killer.

MTV’s Eye Candy can be best described as Law & Order for people in their mid-to-late teens. It’s essentially a procedural, except our lead character, Lindy Sampson is a tech genius, not a cop. She uses her technical skills (read: hacking) to track down a missing woman, such as her kidnapped sister. The cops sometimes work with her – that is when they’re not arresting her for breaking into their database.

The plot of Eye Candy is interesting and well-executed, but it does get a little predictable. At the rate this show kills off people close the Lindy, she will be the only main character alive by the third episode. It also gets a little odd that MTV is trying to make murder mysteries cool and edgy, while calling a dating site Flirtual (which is as lame as fake names for dating sites can get). At least, Victoria Justice gets to show off her acting outside of the standard Nickelodeon mugging for the camera.

If you’re over 20, skip Eye Candy. There’s a 90% chance USA or cloo is having a Law & Order marathon and you won’t feel bad about yourself after watching it. If you’re under 20, feel free to watch Eye Candy. It doesn’t have the best writing in the world, but it is well-written for an MTV show and you won’t have to admit you like watching Law & Order with your parents.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Eye Candy airs Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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