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The Top 10 Moments from SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special

10. Celebrating New York

New York is more than just where SNL has always lived. It’s an identity for this legendary program. The show has honored the city multiple times through its lifetime, for both the good times and bad, and this Robert De Niro introduced segment was the ultimate compilation. It celebrated all of those segments where the city was practically one of the cast members. You can even make the case that this is the singular cast member/crew member/executive that has been with the show for the longest. Even Lorne Michaels left SNL for a few years in the 80s, something that was referenced many times during the night. SNL would be nothing without New York, and you can bet that the city would be incredibly different without this longstanding NBC hit.

Robert DeNiro intro-ed an homage to SNL in NYC. Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC
Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

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