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The Top 10 Moments from SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special

5. Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World is easily one of the most significant SNL creations in its long history. Not only was it an immensely popular segment, it spawned a much beloved film that turned Mike Myers into a movie star. Truly, the question wasn’t “if” there will be a Wayne’s World reunion tonight. It was when. Myers and Dana Carvey were back in classic form too. They made plenty of jokes about it being the 40th special (a common theme throughout all aired skits) and did an outstanding Top 10 from all of SNL. Their repeated shutdowns of Kanye were definitely some of the best moments. Kanye may be unashamed ass, but he showed a great sense of humor during the night. Also, I’m very curious about what those after show orgies were about.

What I really loved though was how Wayne and Garth picked the crew as their #1 and the entire audience gave a standing ovation. Yeah, they’re right. The stars of the show aren’t the people on stage. It’s the many individuals behind the camera who do all the work. This special or any of the weekly shows would not get done without them. This was a great way to recognize that.

Schwing. Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC
Schwing. Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC

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