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Sorry Not Sorry – Here’s the Orange is the New Black Season 3 Trailer

Written by Dylan Brandsema

Orange_is_the_new_BlackHoly balls!! This was certainly a crazy trailer if I ever saw one! Typically, 30-60 second teaser comes before a legitimate trailer, but not for Orange Is The New Black! They went straight for the jugular with this insane 2-minute sneak peek, and it might just be a perfect trailer.

After the events off the absolutely off-the-walls of the season 2 finale, a lot of questions were left unanswered at the Litchfield Penitentiary, and this trailer only piled on…

We see a scene with Loly, an inmate from Chicago who Piper met on a plane back episode 201 (“Thirsty Bird”), entering Litchfield. We see Gloria threaten Sophia with a knife in the kitchen. We see Nicky outside of prison wearing regular clothes. We see Morello crying against a window. And most importantly, perhaps, we see the long-awaited return to Alex Vause to the prison. These are just some of the scenes glimpsed at in this trailer that will get fans of the series’ blood boiling — why is Loly is New York all of a sudden? What did Sophia do to anger Gloria to the point of violence? Is Nicky out? Is it furlough? And above all, how will Alex’s return affect the lives of Piper and those around here? This trailer asks a lot of its’ viewers, but it does so in a way that’s not overbearing, and fans are bound to have their minds racing until the season premieres on June 12th, or until the next trailer.

One thing this trailer does very well is stay true to the tone and mood of the show. In only 2 minutes, we see probably close to 50 or so clips, many of which range from blatantly comical (such as Chang smiling and shouting “I love everybody!”) to drop-dead serious (such as Alex punching someone in the face, or the previously described altercation between Gloria and Sophia), which create an aura of dread in parts of the trailer indicating shit is going to hit the fan real soon.

After this trailer, the days leading up the summer premiere of this 3rd season are not gonna be easy, which, when it comes down to it, is everything a successful trailer should do.




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