Xena: Warrior Princess is Getting A Reboot


NBC has confirmed earlier today that they will be moving forward with a reboot of the popular action-drama, Xena: Warrior Princess. Running from 1995-2001, the show became surprisingly popular. Xena, a warrior Princess with a dark and troubled past, was a strong female lead who kicked ass with her deadly Chakram (circular boomerang weapon.) She, along with her companion Gabrielle, fought for the greater good.

In the original Robert Talpert and John Schulian show, Xena was portrayed by Lucy Lawless. Lawless has been busy for the past couple of years, most notably playing Diane on Parks and Recreation and guest starring on Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Though no mention has yet been made of Renee O’ Connor who played Gabrielle in the original series, NBC has hopes of Lawless being in the reboot. NBC, though, is still looking for a writer to pen the pilot script.

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