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Nickelodeon Quietly Launches The Splat


If the “90s are All That” block on TeenNick didn’t quench your thirst for ’90s nostalgia and old Nickelodeon shows, Nickelodeon has good news for you. Viacom quietly launched a full length Youtube channel last Saturday and is rumored to be producing a programming block called The Splat, which will feature classic shows starting in October. Currently, The Splat’s online promotion focuses on Nicktoons, such as Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, and Hey Arnold!.

For those who want more than an extension of the Nicktoon network’s overnight hours, there is hope. The Splat’s official kickoff took place at ’90s fest, which featured plenty of slime and ’90s icons. So while it is pretty well documented that current Nickelodeon executives do not like Marc Summers, it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility for The Splat to air classic episodes of Double Dare.

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