Clooney, Tatum & ScarJo Headline Coen Bros., ‘Hail, Caesar!’


Universal Drops First Trailer for The Coen Brothers’ new film, Hail, Caesar!

On Friday, the filmmaking team of Joel and Ethan Coen (along with Universal Studios) unveiled the trailer for their latest film — Hail, Caesar!

The film, set during the 1950s, follows Hollywood fixer Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin), who is helping a major studio with their big budget film, Hail Caesar. The film stars one Tinseltown’s shining stars Baird Whitlock (Coen vet, George Clooney), who gets kidnapped by a group known as ‘The Future.’ The group demands $1,000 in cash, and it’s up to Mannix to get the money, but also figure out a way to get Whitlock back. He turns to studio stars (played by Channing Tatum, Alden Ehrenreich, and Scarlett Johansson) to help him in his quest.

The film also stars Coen regulars Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton, as well as Jonah Hill, Clancy Brown, Christopher Lambert, David Krumholtz, Fisher Stevens, and Jonah Hill. It is scheduled for February 6, 2016. Longtime Coen collaborators cinematographer Roger Deakins, and composer Carter Burwell will also be on board.

Editorial: This trailer is utterly exciting if you’re a longtime Coen Brothers fan. This has the weird, madcap vibe that has been the through line of their great films. The Coens seem to work well in period pieces too, and any time George Clooney can act the fool for the Coens, you know you’ve got a good thing coming you way.

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