NYCC Panel Recap: Everything You Need to Know About MTV’s Teen Wolf


Spoilers Ahead

At Fridays Comic-Con, the full moon must have been out, because the cast of Teen Wolf was out and about to talk about the newest season! While the panel was mostly full of good times and talk about past season, ie big deaths, big action scenes, and big romances, we did get a few spoilers in from creator Jeff Davis and the cast. So here is some important need to know things from New York Comic-Con’s Teen Wolf panel.

• Last season premiere we saw Lydia (Holland Roden) trapped in Eichen House losing her mind, and this season is no exception. When we see Lydia she is still trapped in the Eichen house of horrors, with a very important slimy bathtub scene shown with her in the exclusive trailer that was dropped at the panel. Davis hinted that this scene was important but couldn’t tell us what it was about.

• While Lydia is trapped in the house for now she won’t be for long. At the panel, Davis revealed one of his favorite episodes, and most action packed one, is one he is currently shooting, which involves the rescue of Lydia from Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack.

• The relationship between Lydia and Parrish (Ryan Kelly) will be furthered explored and will show what connection is bringing them together and how their supernatural abilities have a lot to do with this.

• On to our two big spoilers of the night: In the trailer we were finally teased and shown the return of fan favorite grieving badass father Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) however…

• He will not be the only Argent retuning this season, Davis teased but would not release the identity of who it would be.

Teen Wolf Season Five, Part 2 premieres in January 2016


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