100 Scariest Horror Movie Moments: Part 5

Written by Tommy Tracy


Here we are, the home stretch. It’s been an incredible five weeks reminding myself (and you) why horror is the best genre of film. We’ve remembered aliens, clowns, serial killers, ghosts and zombies and don’t expect that to change. We have more of that this week and these are the true cream of the crop, the Top 20! So sit back and enjoy because you’ll be unable to sleep the rest of the night.

Disclaimer: This is my list and it is not the first (nor the last) of its kind. Many people across media and the Internet have complied their own lists of the same subject matter. There will be some similarities to other such lists, of course, but the thoughts of this piece are strictly mine and bare no plagiarism of any kind to any other lists made on the subject.

This list will also have some disgusting and explicit images. Viewer discretion is advised.

100 Scariest Horror Movie Moments: Part 5

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