Review: Batman #7

Written By: Mark Henely


Tom King’s run on “Batman” has been surprisingly really great. King has the unenviable position of being the guy to follow up Scott Snyder’s star making Batman run and King’s story about Batman’s uneasy relationship with New Superheroes Gotham and Gotham has competently held its ground. But, Batman #7 isn’t a part of that storyline. This comic kicks off a line wide crossover that features all of the characters in the Batman family.

This is both a good time and a frustrating time to take a break and read a crossover. Frustrating because both Detective Comics and Batman are in the midst of great storylines that i really don’t want to take a month long break from. But, good because the characters get to take stock of their current positions. Batman has just lost Gotham (the superhero, not the city) and long time partner, Tim Drake. These are massive traumas for the Dark Night and their impact can be better felt if we all take our time show the trauma. Batman’s guilt over Tim Drake’s passing is most present in the way he speaks to everyone. Batman is struggling with the idea that he lives a dangerous and life and everyone he is close with is a big part of that. He cannot control whether or not his Bat-Family makes it home and night and this comic shows just how real that struggle is for the Dark Knight.

By itself, this story isn’t that exciting. Ivan Plascencia does a great job on art, but there isn’t much to grab onto here. Sure, it’s cool to see Batman and all of his Bat-friends fight monsters, but nothing memorable happens. I like seeing the new status quo reflected here and there are still a lot of issues left to do something cool, but at this point it just looks like Batman kicking monsters. Which, now that I’ve put it that way, doesn’t sound so bad.

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