NYCC 2016: [adult swim] Panel Recap

Written by Alisha Weinberger


NYCC 2016: [adult swim] Panel Recap

Adult Swim’s presence at the Javits Center this year was relatively low key, especially compared to its San Diego appearance just a few months back, which saw the likes of Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, and Samurai Jack. But this didn’t stop the panel from being just as hilarious, crude, and insane as Adult Swim should be. With spotlights on the return of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, the series premiere¬† of Dream Corps LLC, and the upcoming progress of Venture Bros. season 7, it was a night to surely remember. A night filled with satanic butthole babies, black market lucid dreams, and Nissan Stanzas.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Season 3 Sneak Peek

Moderator: Dana Snyder


  • Chris “Casper” Kelly (Creator)
  • Dave Willis (Creator)
  • Matt Servitto (Satan)
  • Henry Zebrowski (Gary)
  • Craig Rowan (Claude)

Casper Kelly drags us back to the underworld for a third season of his grotesque workplace comedy. Other than this series, Kelly is no stranger to live action and dark comedy. He is after all the creator of the late night viral sensation Too Many Cooks! So you can’t be shocked when him and Dave Willis describe the screening of one of the several 11-minute episodes to come this late October as The Omen mixed with a pregnancy story, but the baby is the spawn of Satan and lives inside the lower intestine of a grown man.

The episode opens up with Gary, Lucas (Dana Snyder), and Satan sailing across a molten lake of vomit. Their literal overlording boss soon reveals he is going through a midlife crisis and wishes to settle down and have a son…so that he can bring about the End of Days. Gary and Lucas are then charged to pull from a catalogue of lingerie models the chosen mother, but instead recruit the model in a probiotic yogurt ad. What pursues is a vile mishap involving a poorly designed CGI serpent, Gary’s rectum, a face cannibalizing baby, and name calling co workers a “Big floppy, dumb wet bitch.”

During fan Q&A, the series star Henry Zebrowski video called in, only to reveal his bare hairy chest and legs, and his lack of pants (thankfully there was underwear). But the biggest take away from the Q&A wasn’t Zebrowski’s exhibition but the guest stars as revealed by Dave Willis. Guests that include Jon Glaser as a Torture Consultant, Andrew Daly, and Dustin Diamond (Screech) as himself. Casper Kelly also hinted at the integration of women demons into the workplace when asked what his favorite episode of the upcoming season was.

Season 3 of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell airs October 23 at 11:30PM EST.

Dream Corps LLC Sneak Peek & Premiere

Moderator: Stephen Merchant


  • Daniel Stessen (Creator)
  • John Krasinski (Executive Producer)
  • Jon Gries (Dr. Roberts)
  • Nick Rutherford (Patient 88)

Before any cast members took to the stage, we were privy to the first two episodes of¬† Dream Corps LLC. The newest series is a fusion between live action and rotoscope animation, so think films like A Scanner Darkly or The Waking Life. We follow Dr.Roberts and his crew of degenerate scientists and a robot (voiced by Stephen Merchant) as they explore the lucid dreams of patients seeking help with anything from quitting smoking to impotence. The first episode follows Patient 88 (Rutherford) who seeks the highly questionable help of Dr. Roberts curing his libido. Eighty-eight is then shanghaied into working for Dream Corps to pay for his treatment. The second episode is Eighty-eight’s first day on the job as he is forced to impersonate a doctor and assist Roberts in getting the elderly Patient 54 to quit smoking. Fifty-four is harmless, until she sticks a screwdriver into Eighty-eight’s neck.

There are underlying influences from The Office as John Krasinski is executive producer. The show is much more toned down in violence than My Pretty Face and more focused on uncomfortable awkward comedy. But this doesn’t stop it from being just as disturbing. The contrast between a beautifully psychedelic aesthetic and bizarre scenarios like lunch ladies serving up eyeballs or Dave Coulier making out with your girlfriend is a haunting LSD trip. The fan Q&A didn’t reveal much more than what the first two episodes established. The cast mostly discussed the origins of the idea (Stesson once sleep walked into his neighbor house as a kid) and their friendship and careers.

Dream Corps LLC premieres October 23 at 11:45PM EST.

Venture Bros. Season 6 & 7

Go Team Venture…but not for another two years! Attendees were graced by the presence of Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick in talking about season 7 and working on a show that has bittersweetly spanned years for fans. As delightfully snarky and side splitting as Hammer and Publick were, the panel didn’t do much to reveal anything about season 7. It was the only spotlight of the panel that did not have a screening or sneak peek. Instead the show creators reminisced and riffed on pop culture references such as Duran Duran, how terrifying the Take on Me music video is, and why Nissan Stanzas are so much easier to make fun of than the Prius. However, it was hinted at we may see the return of characters like Dr. Orpheus that were absent in season 6. Hammer and Publick were adamant about quality over quantity and are taking their time in writing, so don’t expect the Venture Family for another two years.

All in all, this year’s Adult Swim panel was much more casual and conversational. There weren’t any mind-blowing secrets or big name celebrities (except for Krasinski). So no, there was no surprise Rick and Morty release date announcement. But it was an overall fun, whacky experience as per usual for Adult Swim.

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