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WWE Monday Night RAW is Ridiculous


RAW starts with the strangest segment I have seen in a while. Good start with Sasha Banks as a two-time Women’s Champion, and wants to make history with a match in Hell in the Cell. Charlotte comes out to respond naturally, but is cut off on the ramp by Rusev and Lana of all people. Rusev goes on an anti-women tirade, which is ironic since Lana is with him, but this results in Charlotte and Banks briefly joining forces to dispose of Rusev and Lana, and are rescued by Roman Reigns. Not even saving women can change the minds of the live crowd on Reigns.

Tonight, in a mixed tag, Reigns and Banks will face Rusev and Charlotte. So odd.

Our first match is pretty funny. The New Day ridicule Sheamus while praising Cesaro. Kofi Kingston defeats Cesaro. Sheamus spends the match walking around tweeting and doing all sorts of social media hoo hah with the hashtag of #NotWatchingCesaro. Kofi is able to pin Casero after Sheamus attempts to assault Francesca II. Weird, but funny match.

We see the segment with Jonathan Coachman and Goldberg. Goldberg seems to be dismissive of Brock Lesnar. Yeah, hype up the game, and it would seem a possible Brock/Goldberg match might be in our future… or past. Just go watch WrestleMania XX and there you’ll have it.

The Era of Enhancement Talent rolls on, as Bayley defeats Cami Fields. Post match, Dana Brooke attacks her. Yawn.

Backstage, Jericho wants a PayDay candy bar from R-Truth.

It’s Cruiserweight action time! Lince Dorado and Sin Cara take on Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. Maybe I am odd, but I was rooting for Nese and Gulak. These guys have the build and skill to be main roster, but said roster is way too crowded, despite the recent brand split. Decent tag match, Gulak is the “grappler” of the bunch, and Sin Cara appeared to do well with the CWC graduates. Dorado hits a gorgeous Shooting Star for the win.

In the ring, Stephanie McMahon is joined by Mick Foley, who is wearing the most ridiculous suit ever. It is as though he turned all his flannel jackets into a suit. It’s nearly seizure inducing. They run down the current matches, with Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns vs. Rusev taking place in the Hell in the Cell, and add for the first-time ever, Sasha Banks and Charlotte will have their championship match in the Hell in the Cell. That will be nuts. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho interrupt, complaining about the turn of events. After some banter, Stephanie decides to add a stipulation to tonight’s main event of Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho, if Y2J somehow wins, he gets added to the WWE Championship Match.

Backstage: Seth Rollins says he is the master plans, and his latest plan might make Owens and Jericho… Obsolete! Wow, a Matt Hardy nod on WWE television.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel  are out for their match against Enzo and Cass, except they are beaten up by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Following the assault, Dallas and Axel demand a match, and they are obliged and defeated by Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. Decent match, ending rather abruptly when Axel is victim to the Red Arrow. Bo Dallas leaves, disappointed.

Backstage: Charlotte and Lana have words. Bad words.

R-Truth defeats Titus O’Neal. With the video clip of whatever it was backstage, we get a horrible match. I don’t understand this at all. My heads hurts at the level of agony watching Titus continue to be saddled with horrible gimmicks.

Backstage: TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick have a heart-to-heart, with Perkins using too many video game references in an effort to convince Kendrick to leave his cheating ways behind. Kendrick feigns reconciliation and tries to hit Perkins, but the Cruiserweight Champion sees it coming and knocks him down first.

I’m not a fan of this. Too dramatic. Bad dialogue. Forced. Just let them wrestle.

Braun Strowman defeats The Splash Brothers. This was sort of funny. These morons look like a cross between some homeless Rockers and intoxicated Freebirds. He demands better challenges.

I guess even Strowman is tired of jobbers.

We get a promo package for… The Royal Rumble. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the event. I hope this year is big. I hope this year is one where we are actually surprised at who wins.

Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks defeat Rusev and Charlotte. Some comedy at the start, with Charlotte and Rusev blind tagging each other. Rusev has a Wolverine beard-thing going. Reigns and Rusev mostly brawl, while the ladies mostly wrestle. Notice the quality depending on who is the ring. As Banks has Charlotte in the Banks Statement, Reigns leaps over them to spear Rusev as Charlotte taps out.

A lot of people are making Jericho’s list tonight. Backstage, it appears Jericho is erasing someone’s name from the list as Tom Philips is ridiculed by Owens and Jericho. Very funny.

In the ring, Rabbi Paul Heyman address Goldberg’s implication of being able to defeat his charge. To sum up his as-always fantastic promo, Heyman publically offers the challenge for Brock vs. Goldberg II.

So, Emma is being repackaged again, and will be called Emmalina. So, Eva Marie goes buh-bye and Emma has to take the spot of glitzy-ditzy girl?

Brian Kendrick joins commentary as T.J. Perkins defeats Ariya Davari. Good match. Davari had a lot of offense, Perkins hit some good spots, ultimately winning with the knee bar. I’m really feeling the Cruiserweights are being watered down, but almost to the point of boredom. WWE hypes them up so much, but they wrestle like rookies. It’s getting worrisome.

Before our main event, we are shown the tweet from The Man on screen, next week on RAW, the one and only Bill Goldberg will appear to respond to Paul Heyman. So… I guess Goldberg will not be observing Sukkot next week?

Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho

Great match. Although next to the rest of the show, a match with TL Hopper might have also earned the “This is Awesome” chant too. Seriously though, Jericho and Rollins did good tonight, even with some spots which didn’t go right, such as Rollins’ diving knee off the ropes and landing on top of Jericho’s head. Solid back and forth, no clear dominator, and a surprising finish with a small package. Even with a double-team, Rollins hits the Pedigree on Y2J to close the show as Owens is shown backing away.

I will say, despite tonight’s show being very disjointed and underwhelming, I was impressed as to how many matches we were given tonight. There were a lot of matches, less promos, however the quality of the matches overall were left to be desired. The Rollins/Jericho match was really good. Kevin Owens as always delivered on deadpan humor.


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