Box Office Predictions: Can Kong Defeat Logan This Weekend?

Notable Openings This Weekend: Kong: Skull Island

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My Logan Prediction: $88 Million
Official Logan Weekend Take: $88 Million+

It’s not often you hit the adamantium claw right through the throat, so I got to gloat. BUT, as a great man once said…

We’re onto this weekend. While Logan is absolutely ripping apart the box office and piggybacking off Deadpool as another Rated-R superhero game changer, it’s unfortunate the film has to deal with actual competition right out of the gate. If this was a throwaway weekend, or even an average weekend, Logan’s follow up would be an absolute beast. While Logan will still hold over exceptionally well, Kong’s good reviews are no doubt going to steal some box office away. Having said that, this should be a closer race than people think. Let’s dive in, baby!

Kong: Skull Island. Here’s my anticipation level:

I’ve been dreading this movie. The trailers have Legend of Tarzan written all over it. Maybe a little better, but essentially the same thing – wasted cast, boring movie. The early positive reviews definitely shocked me. This is the type of film that needed the Rotten Tomato buzz. Huge. In a lot of the reviews, I get that “it’s really, really dumb, but I don’t care” vibe. That irritates me. When I reviewed xXx: Return of Xander Cage earlier this year, I made a vow to be harsher than normal on dumb blockbusters in 2017. That was my New Year’s Resolution. I’ll know soon enough, but I get the sense this is going to populated with flat human characters, but have enough Godzilla-esque scenes to appease the masses.

This is also one of those franchises that we really, really don’t need. After the Peter Jackson 2005 debacle, do we really want to see this? Come on! What else can you possibly do with Kong? WHAT?! Oh, that’s right. I forgot. In this new connective universe obsessed culture (Thanks, MCU), we need to see him fight Godzilla. Let me save you all the trouble – it will be Alien Vs. Predator. Freddy Vs. Jason. Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao. A big fat disappointment. We’ve been through plenty of those.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but as far as the box office goes, people seemed to be pretty amped. We came out for Godzilla in 2014, and that movie opened at $93 Million+. Kong won’t get anywhere near that, but it should do fairly well.


Logan has a lot of juice right now. This is going to be a tight finish for #1. If Kong: Skull Island got panned, Logan would have easily snikted his way to a repeat finish. Kong’s good buzz should be enough to propel it to victory. If Logan can maintain its #1 status though, that would be MASSIVE for a movie that’s already kicking ass.

1. Kong: Skull Island – $55 Million

2. Logan – $50 Million

3. Get Out – $19 Million

4. The Shack – $7.5 Million

5. The LEGO Batman Movie – $7 Million

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