Review: Harley Quinn #28

Harley Quinn #27

In issue #27 we saw the fourth wall come down. We also saw some more motivation for Harley to run for mayor. In this issue Harley is set on becoming the mayor of New York. This issue starts off with Dr. Harleen saying her goodbyes to the residents of the Nursing home. She doesn’t tell them why, but she tells them she won’t be far away and that there are more staff members that will help them each continue their treatments.

This is where the tale Junk in the Trunk begins. Harley, Poison Ivy, and Harlem Harvey are hanging out in the trunk. Well to be more specific the trunk of a “stolen” vehicle. The girls are crammed in pretty tight when they hear a fellow outside grabbing for a gun. This chop shop doesn’t want anyone to know about their operation, and are willing to kill any witnesses. Unfortunately for them Harley is also armed. She shoots blindly through the closed trunk. She nearly deafens our lovely trio, but she successfully takes down the creep with the gun.

We also get to see Madison and the current mayor bickering over Harley. We know they have been plotting together to kill Harley. Spoiler if you haven’t been keeping up, but they hired the Unconquerable 25. All of the members of the Unconquerable were taken down by Harley and friends except for the leader. Madison and the Mayor are worried he will talk to the cops who currently have him in custody. How far do you think the Mayor will go to cover his ass? Would he go so far as to hire a worse goon than the assassin? You’ll have to pick up this issue to see.

Spoonsdale, Red Tool, and Eggy show up at the Chop Shop to help Harley and crew. The lovely trio have no issues blasting through the chop shop goons. But, the guys are there just in time with a news crew handy. Spoonsdale gives Harley the green light to make her grand announcement. Just as Harley and friends are being praised for taking down the goons on live TV Harley announces she will be running for mayor. She even goes into detail on things she will do like putting the money she saved taxpayers by helping with this bust towards helping the elderly, animals, and filling potholes.

Well, I think Harley has a good chance of winning. I’m sure the citizens of New York have no clue what their current mayor is into. But, Harley’s past and present are an open book. She’s been hailed as a hero in the media multiple times, and Cobblepot is mayor in a different DC world. So, anything is possible. Harley Quinn continues to be a fun and entertaining read.

Rating: 8/10

Harley Quinn #27 is available in comic book retailers everywhere.

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