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American Horror Story: Cult Delivers a Shock in ‘Holes’

If you haven’t watched this episode yet, this review will contain MAJOR SPOILERS. Mostly because of something that happens within the first 5 minutes.


OK. That being said. Holy shit. I called it. I knew Ivy was in on it somehow. As I said in my previous review, I understand why she’s mad at Ally, I do. But I don’t like how she’s going about it. I don’t like that she’s torturing her with her deepest fear. That’s just messed up. I don’t care how mad you are at someone. Ally is figuring things out though. Ally is putting pieces together. Our good Dr. Vincent is helpful but lowkey not helpful as always. He’s helping Ally but also misdirecting her away from the conclusions she should be drawing.

We finally see who each clown is, which is kind of neat because now we know exactly who is in on performing the killings. And it’s everyone we’ve met so far. Including Ivy. Although we can draw from her reaction that this is the first time she’s been involved in an actual killing event thing. Ivy is all about protecting Oz and doing whatever she has to in order to do so, even if it means becoming a psychopath. Of course, she doesn’t see it that way. She sees herself as someone making change, a radical, because radicals “are the only people who ever got anything done”.

Ally is also being her usual snoopy-mcsnooper-pants and using Oz’s telescope to spy on her neighbor. Who I admit, is pretty creepy and also a murderer, but Ally only knows the first part. And honestly, I love Sarah Paulson and she’s doing this amazing job, but God. Ally is the fucking worst. She found Meadow. Meadow, who is not actually crazy like everyone else in the cult. Meadow, who is the only one who had a conscience. Meadow who needed help. And she wouldn’t let her in her secure and locked down house. In my opinion, Ally is just as responsible for whatever happens to Meadow. We haven’t seen what exactly has happened or will happened though. She was pulled away and that’s the last we see.

Then we have Beverly. Who went from a random news reporter to turning out to be an incredibly important character. Beverly is a go-getter, she has dreams and ambitions, she wants to be on top…and maybe becoming the puppeteer behind Kai will take her there. And while Kai is spilling the truth of what happened to his parents to Beverly, I can’t help but wonder what her plan is. Kai listens to her, for whatever reason, and now she knows his deepest secret, the one he actually cried in front of her confessing. She’s a news woman and she’s smart. She has ammo now and she has become closer to him than anyone else in the cult (except his brother and sister) and she’s been pulling some strings, like manipulating Kai into killing RJ. Not to mention the way she looks at him when he cries and how she stands behind him holding his shoulders, the classic Kai move now being used on him by someone else.

Speaking of Kai crying and spilling the truth, we finally know who Kai really is. We finally know his connection to Winter (we know it’s his sister but now we know why they’re so close). We also know just how deep Dr. Vincent’s connection to the cult goes. He basically started the whole thing without really starting it. All because Kai needed his big brother, Vin, to help him. Honestly, I knew Dr. Vincent was involved but I did NOT see that coming. I gotta say too, Dr. Vincent thought the plan of hiding his parents’ bodies out quick. And although I don’t think you should hide your parents’ rotting corpses in their bedroom following your mom killing your dad and then herself, his logic in doing so was honestly pretty sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the true brains and Beverly is going after the wrong brother. Unlike Kai, Dr. Vincent seems much more…level. Kai knows how to manipulate, but Dr. Vincent knows how to plan. And Winter…well…I guess she’s good at recruiting? I don’t really know her value yet.

We are halfway through the season. Things are going to start coming together or falling apart as we watch shifts in power and relationships shatter. It’s going to be great.


Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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