The Essential Psychobilly Halloween Playlist

Do you need something more than The Misfits, “The Time Warp,” and “The Monster Mash” to get you in the Halloween spirit? Then, I’d like to introduce you to the genre of psychobilly, which will liven up your Halloween party. Psychobilly is best described as music for those who pimp out their hot rods and go to the drive-in for horror B-movies.

To get you started, here are six psychobilly songs to liven up your Halloween party or blast in your car during October:

“Dial Z for Zombie” by Mad Marge and the Stonecutters

This one is perfect for fans of The Simpsons because the entire song and the band name is one big reference to The Simponson. Treehouse of Horror III inspired “Dial Z for Zombie.” If you aren’t one to go wrecking in the pit at concerts, you’ll definitely find yourself tapping your foot to the beat. Also, who can resist over-the-top lyrics like “Well he’s not living but dead, oh can’t you see? My friend Flanders is a zombie.”

“Trick or Treat” by Nekromantix

“Trick or Treat” is the perfect Halloween song to play in your car on your way to work, but it takes a much darker turn than “Dial Z for Zombie.” It’s a much more adult take with Kim Nekroman singing, “ “I don’t want no candy, blood is my treat.” And a chorus that repeats “Thrill kill Halloween. I’ll show you something that you never seen.”

“Ghouls” by The Horrorpops

On “Ghouls,” Nekroman’s wife, Patricia Day takes lead vocals to sing about a particularly handsy ghoul whose “hand always kind of slips from my shoulders down to my tits.” Based on her band and her husband’s band musical output, it’s believable when she sings, “It’s like I’m the wife of Halloween.”

“Vampire’s Curse” by The Koffin Kats

If Elvis decided to visit the dark side and recorded a Halloween song, it would sound something like “Vampire’s Curse.”

“Halloween” by The Creepshow

Since this is a cover of The Misfits, it may be cheating. However, Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood sounds more wistful about the “little dead are out in droves” and “candy apples and razor blades,” she remembers from Halloween’s of yore.

“The Halloween Dance” by Reverend Horton Heat

I would be remiss if I created a psychobilly list without the Rev. The Halloween Dance has Reverend Horton Heat create a bizarre psychobilly alternative to the “Monster Mash.” After all it wouldn’t be psychobilly without taking a ride in the back of a hearse for Halloween.

Enjoy these songs throughout October. If dig deeper into the discographies of Mad Marge and the Stonecutters, Nekromantix, The Horrorpops, The Koffin Kats, The Creepshow, and Reverent Horton Heat, you may find more favorites for Halloween or even all year round. Partying with psychobillies, means ghouls, vampires, and zombies don’t have to wait until Halloween to be celebrated.

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