Supergirl #14 Review

In order for me to tell you what’s happening in this issue be warned there are spoilers from issues 12, 13 and the Supergirl Annual as well.

In issue #13 we learned that Kara’s powers were supercharged to an unsafe level. And, in the last issue she was treated. The good news? Kara didn’t explode. The bad news? Kara’s powers are still supercharged and she has to adapt in order to control them.

In the tale Heaven to Earth Kenan from the other side of the world arrives to help Kara get a grip on her powers. Fun fact, Kara’s Mandarin isn’t too shabby so she can easily talk to Kenan, the Superman of China. He takes Supergirl to Shanghai, China to work on her powers.

Kenan introduces her to I-Ching and he explains the energy known as QI. He explains that Kenan needs to ascend to heaven in order to get stronger. But in contrast, Kara must descend to earth as a means to ground her powers.

During their training Kenan and Kara hear a loud bang 1300 miles away in Mongolia. While Kenan heard the bang Kara can make out the heartbeats. Her powers are so strong she can hear the people’s cries 1300 miles away. People are terrified, and the duo wants to take off to help, but I-Ching is against it because Kara was so close to getting control of her QI. But, despite his wishes the two take off to Mongolia. When they arrive they see a man in body armor.

The man is speaking in Russian and doesn’t really want to hurt anyone, but things keep exploding as a safety protocol he explains. The locals are terrified, can’t understand him, and so they are trying to kill him because they believe this is an attack. He also believes he was shot out of the sky by the locals. Basically it’s a mess. I will let you read this issue to see how Superman and Supergirl get around these issues. There’s also the added factor of Supergirl being out of control of her powers. So, I’m sure you’ll want to read how this plays out for yourself.

This issue focused a lot on superheroes networking to help each other. I enjoyed that, and I liked seeing Kong Kenan interacting with Kara. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading anything else where Kenan makes an appearance, but I dig his character in this issue. So, if you’re a fan of Kong Kenan you’ll definitely want to pick up this issue. It was interesting to see the two working together, but the issue was a little slow.

Rating: 7.5/10

Supergirl #14 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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