Thank Satan It’s Friday: Harmful Trolls And Feelin’ Old

This edition of Thank Satan It’s Friday showcases a lot of cool lesser known bands, though you don’t really have me to thank for that. They’re the ones making the great music.

So attack some social media trolls with Caricature, bring back the crazy djent shred with Sentinels, destroy your speakers with noise courtesy of KEN Mode, and for those looking for a familiar name, Cannibal Corpse is in this edition being all Cannibal Corpse-like too.

Cannibal Corpse – “Red Before Black”

You’re either on board with Cannibal Corpse in 2017 or you’re not. “Red Before Black” is more pummeling riffage topped with gory artwork and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher pumping out growls through the 200 or so pounds of muscle he’s got on his neck. Cannibal Corpse is just as potent in 2017 as its ever been, making it damn near impossible to deny the fact that the band is pretty much the face of death metal at this point.

It’s actually a little disgusting how on top of its game Cannibal Corpse is almost 30 years into its career. Pre-order Red Before Black here before its November 3 release date.

Cyhra – “Letters To Myself”

Cyhra, the band featuring ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad and bassist Peter Iwers, ex-Shining guitarist Euge Valovirta, ex-Amaranthe vocalist Joacim “Jake E.” Lundberg, and ex-Annihilator drummer Alex Landerburg just dropped its debut album Letter To Myself and it’s super catchy.

If you miss old school In Flames but wish it was all infectious clean vocals, then you’re absolutely going to love Cyhra. That, or if you’re just in the mood for some incredibly well-written power-esque metal that doesn’t skimp on the musicianship, then you’re also going to dig this quite a bit.

Pre-order Letters To Myself here.

Caricature – “Scars Of Separation”

It’s been five years, but it’s time for a brand new Caricature full-length. Vocalist and multi-instrumental Joseph Spiller has recruited Last Chance To Reason drummer Evan Sammons, Cannabis Corpse & Six Feet Under lead guitarist Ray Suhy, Hvil I Kaos cellist Kakophonix, Seven)Suns violinist Earl Manieen, and then guest guitarists Morten Fjeld and Fred Brum, and saxophonist Norma Sax for the album.

It sounds like a lot, but Spiller has made larger and more diverse instrumentation work in the past and the upcoming album The Fiction We’ve Become is likely no different. I’d also like to toss Spiller’s quote in here because I really like the message of the song.

Lyrically it delves into the constant pissing contest that social media and much of society has become and how that negativity fuels many people’s perception of self. Be that through eating disorders, psychological/emotional issues, and varying forms of self-mutilation. This flood of trolls, mean-spirited assholes, and insecure jerks don’t see what is on the other side of the screen and the sheer volume of it causes some people to see things not as they are or harsher than things really are when they look at themselves in the mirror.

So get your head ripped off by the new song “Scars Of Separation” below and grab a pre-order here before the album comes out on November 14. I’ve heard the digital pre-orders come with some great unlisted cover songs!

Sentinels – “Neurosis”

We’re far away enough from the late 2000s/early 2010s djent boom for people to have either made enough sense of the genre to produce quality music or to just let it die for good. Sentinels took a lot of the dissonance and stop-and-go styles of the genre (Periphery and Vildjharta, namely) and incorporated some Dillinger Escape Plan-esque insanity into the mix to come up with its new song “Neurosis,” which is basically everything good about the genre alongside all the aforementioned.

Sentinels‘ previous material was pretty good, but now that the band has vocalist Joe Benducci, things appear to have been taken up several notches. “Neurosis” is a standalone single and you can follow the band on Facebook and on Bandcamp.

Also, is this djent nostalgia? Can we have nostalgia for djent yet? ARE WE OLD NOW?!

KEN Mode – “Fractures In Adults”

KEN Mode, or Kill Everyone Now Mode for those wondering who “Ken” is, just dropped its new song “Fractures In Adults” and announced it’ll be releasing a new album sometime in 2018. All of this is good news because nobody brings the snarky, furious noise quite like KEN Mode does.

“Fractures In Adults” may or may not be a part of the new album, but is definitely a part of the Decibel Flexi Series. Subscribe to Decibel if you’re looking for a physical copy of the song, or just stream it until your speakers break below. For KEN Mode fans, this one sounds like it’s right off 2013’s Entrench!

The Modern Age Slavery – “The Theory Of Shadows”

The Modern Age Slavery took its time between 2013’s Requiem For Us All and now, but the coming album Stygian certainly seems to be making up for lost time. “The Theory Of Shadows” is partially symphonic, partially death metal, adds a touch of breakdowns and rap-ish vocals here and there, and pretty much just stays enticing throughout its entire runtime.

The Modern Age Slavery is back, y’all. Pre-order Stygian here before its November 24 release date.